Path of peace - affiliate program

Dear Affiliates and Coaches:

Path of Peace is an assembly of one of a kind, life changing trainings and resources that you can offer to your clients and/or friends in your continued support of their progress.  We are thrilled at the magnitude of what we currently have to offer after years of refinement. And there is much more to come.

Please allow us to thank you and support you in the extra time and resources required to invite your friends and associates to Path of Peace and cheer-lead them to success in their relationships and lives!

1) You will receive $75 of the enrollment in connection with your people enrolling in the 2 day-workshop or Couples GPS. 
You will receive 25% (about $200) of enrollment in connection with your people enrolling in Mastery.

2) You receive $75 if one of your people invites one of their people to the 2-day workshop or Couples GPS.
If your client or friend also becomes an affiliate, this $75 is split.

3) You receive 25% (about $200) of enrollment if one of your people invites one of their people to Mastery.
If your client or friend also becomes an Affiliate, this 25% is split.

Please note that our Affiliate program only goes 2 levels.

Please note that if you are a Coach, with your own personal coaching business:

4) We will wholeheartedly and faithfully encourage your people to continue their coaching with you.  We will endorse you in every way and help your clients see the importance of the continuity created in their work with you.

If for some exceptional reason they would like some meetings with Narelle or I, after your communication to us about it, you would get a “thank you” commission from these meetings also.

We are excited to support you in building your coaching business and/or creating extra support for friends and family.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


John & Narelle


a) This is a "by invitation only" program.  You are seeing this page because you've been invited into our Affiliate circle.

b) For you to receive "thank you commissions", participants at workshops or Mastery must put your name in "How did you hear about this?" 

c) If there is any question about who actually guided a participant toward enrollment we ask that you please think abundantly and compassionately- giving a fellow affiliate the benefit of the doubt by splitting the thank you commission. Please contact Narelle about any questions related to commissions.

Taking advantage of the Affiliate Program

The easiest way to take advantage of our Affiliate program is to invite people to come with you to one of our free seminars. I suggest coming with you because it’s the best way to insure they actually come.

Whether your associates come with you or not, you could also…
a) Send them a link to our website so they can read the recommendations and such.
c) Call or text with a reminder a week before and then a couple of days before.

The numbers work out something like this:
1 out 3 people are interested in going.
1 out of 5 that you invite will actually come (depending on your follow up)
1 out of 3, present (approximately) at the seminar, will register for the 2-day workshop