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Bottom line

The Information below are just suggestions. Here’s the bottom line:

  • Decide on a list making app to assist you in breaking action down into bite sized pieces and getting things done.

  • Decide how and where you do your Mastery Journal

  • Decide how you will track your daily habits (High leverage, daily, sharpening-the-saw, action)

Getting things done

We suggest any of these list making apps.  We love them all:

  • wunderlist - easy to use

  • mastery app - harder to us, but already set up for Mastery

  • todoist - about the same as wunderlist (my personal favorite)

  • stickibook - organize your life on post its. This is amazingly effective for those that like to write

You may want to watch a couple of minutes of each app on youtube to see where you lean.  

Mastery Journal

We suggest evernote for your Mastery Journal.

habit tracker - highly RECOMMENDED

Habit Share - Android or Apple (Great if you’re wanting to create accountability)

Loop Habit Tracker (Easy and simple but only for androids)