Couples GPS - Index & Coaching Set up 

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"Couples GPS"Underlying Principles

  1. Set up & Orientation (Scroll down)

  2. The 9 Agreements - and "Right Questions"

  3. Basics 

  4. Couple Rituals / Living Couples GPS 

  5. Serving Together - "Just Serve

  6. You Can Count On Me 

  7. Singles - Relevant Links - at Yola Site

Relationship Renewal

  1. Relationship Cleanse

  2. Witnessed Walk-List (Please get training for this one)

  3. Particulars (A Fact Sheet for Your Partner)

  4. Your Wish is My Command (Weekly Ritual - Yola site)

  5. Nightly Check In & Chit Chat

  6. Write and Share  - For personal couples retreats

  7. Face to Face - Also for personal couple retreats

  8. Serving Together 

  9. Just Serve  

  10. You Can Count On Me 

  11. Divorce - Worksheet and Meditation

Issues Management

  1. Issues Management - Overview 

  2. Managing Incoming including playing "Restitution."

  3. Managing "Outgoing"

  4. Issues List  (An important part of avoiding ambushes)

  5. Walk List - Text us for the password at 801 613 8354

  6. Breakthrough - Text us for the password at 801 613 8354

  7. Nightly Check-In

  8. Weekly Inventory

  9. Peace Talk and Articles of Peace

  10. Love Seat (the ultimate operating room for occasional surgery)

Set Up and Orientation 

  1. Get google docs on your phone for your "Issues List", "Particulars" etc. and our shared coaching doc.    

  2. Determine that when you hit a bump you will get back on the horse.  It is common to take 3 steps forward and 2 steps back.  Don't panic.  Just keep going.  Victory isn't necessarily for the strongest, or the smartest, or even the best looking.  It's for those that do not quit. 

  3. Embrace a "Wax on / Wax off" approach to couples success.   Read more in Basics

  4. Lists you should have on your phone (Hint: Click on each item to see what it is)

  5. Decide how much time you're going to put into homework every day and start working through it. (Is she worth it?  Is he worth it?  Are your children worth it?). Even 5 or 10 minutes a day can make a world of difference.

  6. A Few things you can expect from your coach
    You will want to talk about the "dot" (your issue).  I will be bringing the conversation to the circle around the dot (the distrust, panic and war surrounding the issue).
    b) You will be wanting to talk about 2 or more issues at once.  I will be faithful in making sure we stay with one issue until it's complete and then go on to the next, which is one of the major keys to our success.
    c) You will be wondering if it's possible to save your relationship. I will be telling you, based on years of experience, that it's not about whether your relationship can be saved.  There's not even a question about that.  It's about whether you're willing to keep the agreements you make, of your own free will, in our meetings.