Issues List

When you have an issue (either brewing or that comes up out of nowhere), follow this simple, miraculous protocol:

1) Put the issue on your your issues list and rate it from 1 to 10 (10 being the hottest).

2) Rate your issues from 1-10.  By doing this you can just be dealing with the top issues, one at a time.    
Keep your issues listed, each one with a rating, in a "todoist" list, or in some other easily accessed document, ideally on your phone.   

3) Work out your victim story, lack of trust, upset and disappointment with God.  
Get out for a walk.  Ideally get in some negative ions in the forest or by a body of water.  Use your Walk List (especially the recording). See Managing Outgoing for the complete story.  

4) If you’re not on a Relationship Cleanse, after you’ve worked through your upset, bring your one, specific issue, (always one at a time) along with your requests, to your spouse. See Managing Outgoing for the complete story.