Mastery App 


Important note:  Unless you're willing to spend 20 or 30 minutes with this you probably won't understand what it is.  

If after at 10 minutes or you would still like to consider something more simple, check out wunderlist  or  todoist.

If you're a paper type person, consider Algie's  stickibook (which we can show you at our meetings).     

Airtable (Mastery App) Tips:

1) The best way to do this is to have airtable on your computer and phone before downloading the Mastery App.  

2) Most of your real creative and organizational work will be done on a computer.  The phone version is great too, but the heavy lifting will be on your computer.

3) The Mastery App can be changed and personalized in a thousand ways.  Use it, change it, however you'd like.  

Click here for the Mastery App. 

  • "Copy base" for your own use and then change the example "goals & projects" to your own goals & projects.
  • Change the items in "Area" to fit your life.
  • Change the "ACR - Current Mastery" items to reflect your current Mastery Habits.
  • etc.