How to Listen to or Say Affirmations

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Re posted 5 16 2018

Saying or listening to Affirmations can be empowering and motivating or cause resistance and frustration, depending on your approach.  

Here's the secret: As you say or listen to affirmations, don't try to feel anything. Don't try to experience anything.  Don't try to become anything.  Don't try to have the truth of affirmations sink into you and change you.  But, just as important, don’t fight or deny what you’re hearing or saying.    

Just listen. Just be present.   Let's do an example of what not to do:

Example: "I am present, peaceful and full of love for all men"

Reaction 1 - Effort: "Yes, this is so important.  I've got to be present.  And I know it's important to love everyone.  I'm going to do this!  Yes!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!  Must love!  Now!  Oh My goodness, this is hard.  I can do this!  Wow, I think I'm worn out by this affirmation."

Reaction 2 - Resistance: "What!?  No I'm not.  I'm not present, and it sucks.  In fact, I think it could be impossible.  Why am I even listening to this or saying it?  It's for someone else, who actual is present and peaceful and loving."

Here is an amazing truth:  A new reality will find its way to you as you hold a space for it.    

If you run after it, or try to capture it, or possess it or force it into yourself, it runs away.

A new possibility (an affirmation) is like a deer who walks quietly into a peaceful meadow.  Your affirmation will find its way into you as long as you're not pushing it out by insisting on it's existence.  It exist by itself.  "I am peaceful" for instance, exists already.  Just be present to the possibility.  

Look at it like this: In a sense nothing good really ever comes from us.  It all comes from God, through us.  This is what I'm saying about affirmations; You can’t make goodness, patience, abundance etc. exist.  What you can do, as you listen to or say an affirmation, is to simply be present, which makes you like an empty cup, without resistance, ready to be filled.

Your real, self, loving, financially abundant, and confident self is ready to emerge as you hold a space for it - without forcing it, or resisting it, a new possibility will be spiritually born in you.  Through this process a new blueprint is being mapped out in your heart.

With this new blue print comes new enthusiasm, determination and most importantly, action, which then cements the blueprint.

I hold a place for something
I see possibilities
I move toward what I see
Through my movement (my action), I clarify and confirm who I am

The power of affirmations is in giving place to them, not forcing them into existence.
Still your mind.  Listen to and/or recite what is true.  Let this truth grow in you all by itself and inspire you!

Without trying to force these words into existence, and, without resisting something that has not fully emerged, you will transcend your past and build a beautiful world, inside and out and then, through your action, outside in.

Going Forward
When you're sucked into a negative belief or story, return to your vision and your affirmations.  Remember that causing a new belief happens in two ways: 

1) Inside out (through breakthrough and affirmations): being present to, holding space for a new reality without trying to force it into yourself and

2) outside in  (action).

"Action will remove the doubt that theory cannot solve.”   - They Heist

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