Agreement 1 - Highlights

1) Return to your goals (& the visions that go with them) daily

2) Stop managing life in your head. (Work your lists)

3) Break things down into action sized bites 

4) Record actions in appropriate lists i.e. "project 1", "next action", "shopping list" etc.

5) Make decisions vs. gathering clutter (in your mind, on your kitchen counter, anywhere) 

6) Consistently return to and act on your lists

7) Be satisfied and trusting with “one thing at a time.”  God has your back for tomorrow.  “All is well!"

Build on success

One of Narelle's favorite Louise Hay Affirmations is: “All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good.”  

One of my best friends put it like this - "John, you can't build on failure.  You can only build on success."  What he was saying was, if I'm not enough (in my mind), then I will lack the inner encouragement necessary to move forward!   Of course I'm enough!  I'm SO enough that Jesus gave his life for ME.  I am God's own precious child.   This is the encouraging truth that I can build from, each moment.

We love you guys.  It's been so fun to work with you so far in this Mastery.

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