You were born for amazing

Amazing happens when abundance collides with faith, focus & living life Intentionally

1) Abundance
One of Narelle's favorite Louise Hay Affirmations is: “All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good.”  This is your starting place, not the final destination.

Years ago, I’d been struggling with my self esteem. My friend Dave called me one morning: “John” he said, “I had a dream last night. I was in the premortal life. I was surrounded by the most amazing, wonderful, beings you could imagine- truly great and noble people. John, you were one of them.” He went on. "John, you can't build on failure.  You can only build on success." What was he saying? If my conclusion is that whatever I’ve done, or whatever I’ve got, or whoever I am isn’t enough, that’s not very encouraging! THAT isn’t going to send me running toward the victory.  

What Dave was talking about was the principle of abundance- meaning to celebrate what IS, not what could be or should have been. Let’s put it in another way; It’s possible that there is a celebration in heaven that occurs every morning, just because you and I open our eyes and get out of bed! That’s what Dave was saying!- that you and I are beautiful and wonderful as is and that life is amazing and full of opportunity as is! Now THAT is something I can build on! THIS kind of abundant thinking turns out to be the fuel that wins the race.

With this as your starting place- a gentle but firm sense of having and being enough, (weaknesses and all), with an underlying celebration of this amazing opportunity called earth, we will feel the encouragement and energy necessary to create more of what we already feel. Want (or desperation) attracts more want. Not good enough attracts more not good enough, but celebration and gratitude attracts more to celebrate and be grateful for.

2) Faith, Focus and Living Life Intentionally
Let’s break it down:

  • Return to your vision(s), daily.

  • Keep your energy up by managing your life from your lists,

  • Break goals down into small, bite sized actions.

  • Park planned actions in appropriate lists.

  • Make decisions vs. gathering clutter

  • Consistently return to and act on your action lists. .

  • Be satisfied and trusting with one thing at a time.

  • Finally, get into high leverage action and put first things first. .

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You Were Born for Amazing!