Getting Uncomfortable

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Because I coach life mastery principles, I continue my own education by participating in relevant training and education.

During a recent and very difficult breakthrough and consciousness training I attended, there were a couple of moments where what we were working on was so difficult I wanted to blow off the whole training and go buy some apple fritters.  I just couldn’t seem to get what the exercises were about. It all felt awkward and uncomfortable! 

But often, a good sign that you’re heading in the right direction is not that you feel comfortable, but that you feel UNcomfortable.  

It would have been very comfortable for me to skip the training I mentioned above. It’s comfortable to not take risks or learn new skills. And sometimes, It’s comfortable watching everyone else accomplish hard goals and even applauding their victories rather than creating your own. It’s comfortable being less than we are designed to be!

Andy Puddicombe ( reminds us that our first run with consciousness and meditation (a big part of any life mastery course) can feel awkward, just like the first time you drove a car.  Think about it! Now, you just get in the car and go!

Give yourself time.  Soon enough, principles of success and life mastery, including even things like meditation and breakthrough work, will all feel very natural.

As with the Karate Kid, it is mastering “wax on / wax off” kinds of basics that propels you to personal growth and professional victories, as uncomfortable as it might be. Waxing a lot full of cars got uncomfortable for the Karate Kid, even painful - so did all the sanding and painting. Winning the Karate championship was glorious! So victory also waits for you! - whether it be in your relationships, your business or your health.

What we saying?  The road to what you want can include long open stretches of what you don’t want. Perfect! Stay on the road. Let us be there for you. We’re in this together!!

Love, John & Narelle

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