Let there be light

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In our anger, judgement, projections and blame, as humans, we can inadvertently lead each other to believe something that is not true - that we are less than beautiful. 

Telling someone the truth about who he or she is (even when they initially resist it) is to liberate this person. It is to say “You are beautiful.  You are powerful.  You are  gifted.  You are needed!”  Hearing these kinds of words, when sincerely spoken, stirs a person's sense of potential.  It's kindling for a fire. 

What’s so fascinating about being Johnny Lingo- what it is so compelling about shining this light into the world is that it’s not just fluffing someone - it’s actually true!  How could this be? How could the lowly maid and prostitute, Aldonza suddenly become Dulcinea?  How could this young student (in the movie “Freedom Writers”) who thought so little of himself, suddenly experience his own potential- his own greatness?

The answer is, someone was willing to say the truth.  Not that it wasn’t true before, but that it was static.  In a sense, this is how something is brought into existence - someone sees something, before it appears, and perhaps even more important, someone actually says it-  “And God said Let there be light and there was light.”  Perhaps the light was there all along. Perhaps God was simply freeing the light- unleashing it.  I’m not really sure. But I do know this; that by the Almighty’s words, light came into existence.  

So it is with people’s beauty and power, potential and greatness.  Our words to each other tend to create, what was up to that point, unseen.   

So when I look at you and see you and speak the truth about you, even if it’s just something like “Good morning Norma.  You look beautiful today!”, Is that true?  Norma is 87. She’s been sick most of her life. She’s coming out of a deep depression related to several deaths in her family.  She could barely drag herself into her closet this morning to pick out a dress for church, and yet here you are telling her that she looks beautiful!? Is it true? Of course it’s true!  

We are shining, beautiful children of the living God!  We are His offspring, literally. His spiritual DNA runs through us!

Like a little flower struggling to break through the crust of the earth, everything that God is, is desperately seeking to break through the crust of doubts and limits we live in.   The only thing that’s missing sometimes is you!  The only thing that’s missing is for you, Johnny Lingo, to show up in someone’s life with the good news about who they really are.

Here’s the kicker.  It’s pretty easy to do this with people at church, at work, even on the streets.  But where it means the most is where you have felt the most frustration or hurt;  i.e. spouse, children, parents.  Despite everything, you are the person who knows them best.  “If  you can see it” they say to themselves, “then I can see it.”

And so they can.  And so they will. And here’s the best part.  What does it take for you to look past your own hurt and see the beauty and potential in your spouse or in someone else who has been a trial for you?  It takes your greatness.  It takes your forgiveness, your discernment, your spiritual connection with your Father in Heaven.  It takes the best in you. So it is that “it is the greatest part of me that sees the greatest part of you.”  (from Agreement 7).

Johnny Lingo, you see the miracle in others? You are the miracle.

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