Running Water

I was walking along the Provo river with Narelle the other day.  It had been raining. The water was moving through its course with majesty.  It was so beautiful. There were however, little areas of trapped- still water.  I was struck by the contrast- the moving water being so awesome and beautiful vs. the still water being sort of incidental and depressed .   

Moving water is life.  It is continually embracing change- adjusting to each challenge, each new dip in its course, each bolder or fallen tree.  Still water however, is neither welcoming anything new nor releasing anything old. Consequently, still water is toxic. It is mosquitoes, bacteria, disease and death.   

It’s really such a simple choice: Embrace and adapt, or, insist on things staying the same when they need to change or being different when it would be better to stay the course. Joyfully navigate the boulders and fallen trees or move off to the side and hide out until conditions improve.

I saw a bumper sticker today, "Achieve or Abandon."   So true! To achieve is to keep moving, keep adapting and keep embracing with all the celebration and joy of a running river.   If not, then you abandon. No splashing mists, no beautiful sounds of movement and celebration- just you, holed up somewhere with a T. V. dinner, complaining about how things are, resisting what is, determined to just sit it out until the end comes.   

Don't do this. You are not still water.  You are running water. You are embracing every moment of the journey- every part.  You aren’t just moving through life, enduring to the end.  You are thanking God, with all of your heart for the very boulders, fallen trees and dips that could have otherwise caused you to pull over and die.  No! Keep going. Face into the opportunities of growth and service that are before you. You are running water. The magic of your life, the joy we hear in your forward movement is the singularity of your commitment to choose the path that is before you, whatever it is. 

Agreement 8: I will choose the path of greatest opportunity. I will face my willingness and my gratitude into the hard part of the journey.

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