Seeing is Healing

Through the grace of God, whatever you are willing to see- that you could have done differently, it is as if, this is what you did do.

For instance, if you can now see that you could have been more supportive to your spouse during a crisis, through your sincere sorrow and through grace, it is as if you actually were more supportive.  

In your willingness to come to Jesus and, as appropriate, make amends with someone you’ve injured, something changes in you -  something is healed in the person you let down, and something, somehow, is made right.

How is this done? What actually happens?  I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that this gives us the power to tell ourselves the truth.

The ability to tell yourself the truth (to honestly account) does not come all at once, but if you’re committed. This honesty will leave you free and empowered, for God is willing to pour His healing love and forgiveness into your honest and open.

This is the magic of accountability; 

  1. In your humility you honestly look at your choices.

  2. As you look you see.

  3. As you see, trusting in Christs atonement, your heart becomes even more open.

  4. As your heart becomes more open, the grace of God becomes even more present.

  5. And as the grace of God becomes more present, all things tend to work together for your good (and everyone else's good).

The Gospel means "Good News."  What could be better news than this? As we humbly come to understand what we could have done, then, through the atonement of Christ, it's as if we did it.

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