Plan for Success


Spending even 5 to 15 minutes a day on planning and working your lists can be life changing.  Consider these principles and guidelines in order to ensure effective planning:

Ask Yourself the Right Questions
Prayerfully ask questions that can open you up to inspiration and vision.  Based on your answers you might re-prioritize or even replace different projects and actions.

  • What are my top goals?

  • Are these really my top goals or is there something else or different?

  • Within these goals what are my most important projects?

  • As I look at these projects what are the most important actions?

  • As  it look at these actions what would be the most important actions for this week?

  • What would be the most important actions for today?

  • What could I put directly in my Google Calendar and when?

  • What goals or projects am I willing to archive or incubate for now, that others might live (It is better that one project perish than a whole list of projects dwindle in lack of action.). Being willing to hibernate or incubate projects and actions is huge.  

Guiding Principles and Guidelines

Planning first.  Action 2nd. Carpenter’s rule: “Measure twice, cut once”

Be prayerful. Be inspired. Ask for God's guidance. Time spent in prayer doubles the effectiveness of time in action.

Meditate on the why.  Think of the people who need your inspiration, your smile, your commitment to excellence, and your love.  Think of how you'll feel when it's over- as you look back with contentment and gratitude for the opportunity to come through for them, for yourself and for God.

I wrote about this once, after realizing my priorities were out of order.

David Allen’s 2 minute rule: If you can get something significant done in 2 minutes just do it! Bypass your planner. Bypass your google calendar.

Be willing to delegate (i.e. your children, co-workers, employees etc.) even if means hiring someone.  Stephen Covey once said that even if he was at his office for only 2 hours during a work day, he would spend 30 minutes of that time training and empowering his assistant. 

Return to and stay present to your lists and calendar.
Build trust with your brain.  "Wow, he IS coming back to those lists and to his calendar.  I won't have to keep reminding him over and over."

Finally, and most importantly put first things FIRST.  How? BLOCK OUT TIME for projects and key actions in your google calendar.  This is the most important of all principles and guidelines.

How are you doing?

If, each day, your lists just keeps getting longer consider these questions:

1) Are you putting actions in your “today” list, or directly in your google calendar? (or just leaving them stranded in your different, project lists)
2) Are you letting less important things get in the way of important actions?
3) Are you willing to archive some projects that others may live?
4) Are you willing to take the extra and sometimes agonizing time to delegate, train and empower others?  (This is often the big key).

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