Mastery Tip #1

Mastery Materials can occur as overwhelming.

Mastery Materials can occur as overwhelming.

Dear Mastery Family!

Mastery is not so much a project in and of itself. It's a support for getting YOUR projects done and your life mastered.

Don't worry about how much homework you get done etc. Every aspect of Mastery is only a possibility for support. Do as much or as little homework as you'd like. Remember, it's not a course and there are no grades!

We're here to cheer you on in whatever you're doing and however you're doing it.

Even if you just complete the Tuesday night meetings, you'll end up[ ahead of your own game. Everything else can be a bonus!

We love you guys!

John and Narelle

P.S. The good news is (and this is the magic of Mastery) the net analysis will show a gain. Whatever time you put in will come back to you in increased effectiveness, stronger relationships, better health, greater peace and even more money.

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