WalMart and Walks in the Mountains

retirement center.JPG

Our work this week in Agreement 2 is using selected breakthrough methods to move from negative to positive feelings.

I was thinking about this on a walk as I passed a retirement center.  My heart sank inside of me. "I don't want to end up there” I thought.  “I don't want this last phase of my earthly journey. In fact I don't want my life on earth to end at all!  I love it here! I don't want to say goodbye to parks, to 7/Eleven, to Walmart, to DVDs, to walks in the mountains.  Why must I go through this?"

I used an air pencil and summarized my feelings to my left.  Then I waited for inspiration as I moved myself closer to God.  

Soon I felt two sweet and clear impressions, which I wrote to my right.

1) “John, everyone will go through it.  No one is left behind. It's not like you're the only one on this path.  All who you love will be with you again,” and

2) “I'll be with you through this.  Don't worry.”

Suddenly,  I had broken through some subtle despair into the light of hope and love.   

God wants us to live in breakthrough.