Path of Peace - Leadership Meetings

WHEN - 1st Thursday of every month - 90 min. (2 hours MAX)

WHERE - Saygus Building or hangouts (if you can’t join us in person).
10421 S Jordan Gateway (5th floor). Call 801 347 7667 when you get there, so we can let you in (if you're late).
Note: sometimes we are on the 2nd floor vs. the 5th. We’ll let you know if that’s the case, or you’ll see a sign on the door.

Click here if you’re joining us online (Google Hangouts)

SURVEYS - Surveys are a major aspect of our work together. Why?
a) Surveys get us working and thinking together in a consistent, creative, synergistic way, and
b) Surveys make it possible to much more done at meetings, in much less time.

Click here for current surveys
Please try to complete current surveys before our meeting.