Kashi Christmas

I was on a walk with Narelle today.  We were talking about different friends that we loved.  Some of them are very different from us, in values, religion, politics etc,  That didn’t matter. I realized that we loved these people because they loved us. “People just need love!” I explained to Narelle.  “It’s that simple. We are all just like little puppies!”

You kids all have this gift, in great abundance. I am so grateful that I even know you, let alone get to be your Father.  Despite the many mistakes and weaknesses of your parents you are all shining lights of love in this world.

Love is the purpose of your existence.  And in getting your arms all the way open to it, you, at the same time, fully open yourself the greatest, most influential, transcendent, productive, version of yourself,

You are just like Kashi, who wanted more than anything to huddle, cuddle and snuggle. And just like Kashi, there will be times when you don’t feel the love coming back. Keep going!  Love, coming your direction, is closer than you think. Keep loving, not matter, what, not for what comes back but for how it feels going out,