nicole hotdog.JPG

 I was looking at this picture, as I have hundreds of times, thinking about how I close one eye too when I take a big bite of something.  I thought…Nicole is my daughter, my baby, and came from me and Mama in the most personal way - the way of love. …And you even close that one eye like I do! (which proves it)  

I don’t know if you do this anymore.  Maybe not. Maybe you realize now with roommate problems and mono and love questions with Brandon, and ups and downs, and high moments and lows, just how fun it all is, really- that it it’s so stinking good to be alive- maybe you’ve realized with me by now that we need both eyes open, to take it all in.  It only lasts for a moment.  

I can’t tell you how happy I am that much of that moment for me will be with you- on this earth and in my life.  Thankfully, we have much more to come in the third act (unfortunately there are no hot dogs there).

Happy birthday my little princess.  I love you so much!

P.S. Don’t forget your “Nicole” songs. Here’s the link: “Nicole, I think Your special” I was just listening to them. I still love those songs every time I hear them.