Support Texts

Each week, determine at your interview how many support texts you will send to the person you interviewed.
The texts can be as simple as “How’s it going with the agreements you made in our interview?” (or anything similar) 

Answers can be:
a) "I’m nailing it"
b) "I’m getting closer" or
c) "I need cheer leading." 

[Note that if you feel so inspired, you could provide background for b) or c) i.e. "there was a death in my family this week" etc.  This would change the direction of the rest of this process, below.] 

If you’re partner needs cheer-leading, text:
a) "What kind of breakthrough work do you think could help?"  and/or
b) "What specific action(s) could you take asap that would point you more toward what you actually want?"

*You can just copy and paste the above in your text if you'd like.
*If you'd like you can call instead of texting.  
*If you have Marco Polo I actually thing that's the best.  
P.S. If you do get Marco Polo be very slow and careful in installation or it will contact everyone you know.  There's a point in installation where you can by pass this. 

If you didn't interview with someone this week so far, you could call someone in our directory and ask him or her to interview you.  He or she will love it!  Ideally, call someone you recognize from the class.   

Click here for directory.   

Click here for the interview.