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Our mission is to

1) Assist couples in creating a positive, intimate, fulfilling marriage.
2) Assist singles in opening their hearts to possibilities.
3) Assist all participants toward the vibrant health that supports a miraculous life!

John and Narelle Canaan facilitate the "Path of Peace" relationships seminars, workshops and life coaching.

John got his start in the field of relationships by writing music about relationships as a college student at BYU.  During his college years, John also realized that he possessed a gift for relationships coaching. Even his ex-girlfriends would come to him for advice.  Dr. Elmer Knowles, seeing John’s gifts, invited him to do be a guest lecturer in many of his classes.

Meanwhile, as time went on, John’s relationships music was gathering momentum. What If I Loved You (one of John’s original songs) became the #1 song throughout the Utah & Idaho area in the early 80’s. You’re Not Alone, another recording of John’s (written by Michael McLean) became an international success and was sent out to millions by the LDS church.  During John’s music days he also played warm-up for Kenny Loggins, the Pointer Sisters and did many TV & radio interviews.

Realizing, however, that his real love continued to be teaching relationships principles, John eventually focused on workshops and coaching over singing and recording.  John’s experience as a Life Coach started with Dr. Denis Waitley’s “Winning For Life” team in Salt Lake City. He has also presented with Dr. John Gray (“Men Are From Mars & Women From Venus”) and Dr. John Lund (“How to Hug a Porcupine”). John started “Path of Peace” relationships training in 1997.

Narelle was born and raised in Australia, moved to Utah in 1985 and became a U.S. citizen. She loves both countries & is proud to be an Australian/American! Narelle’s is passionate about being a Mother, "Smommy" (to her step kids) and Grandmother.  As a life coach Narelle is gifted in supporting people toward healing, wholeness and life balance.

After serving his church for 2 years in Australia as a young man, John often mused on how fun it might be to marry an Australian.  (Wow! Mission accomplished.) John describes his marriage to Narelle as God’s 2nd chance for him to get it right and considers Narelle to be a “bouquet of flowers” (as a friend of his put it), right from heaven.  John and Narelle often tell people that “everyday is like Christmas” for them, despite the typical challenges of this life (as if any of our challenges are “typical”!). “It is possible,” Narelle says “to wake up every day, in love! - not just with your husband- but just in love- and with gratitude for everything!”

John & Narelle Canaan

John & Narelle Canaan

The “Sending the Right Message” two-day workshop was one of the most profound experiences I have ever had. I’ve spent years in educational training on communication and years in therapy. The two-day workshop superseded both of these experiences. It provided me with the practical tools I’ve been looking for personally and professionally. It also gave me the precious opportunity to acknowledge—and then let go—of pain that I had been carrying for years! I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone and everyone! I can’t wait to do it again!
— Bridget Reynolds Sheffer Phd  (Communications)

The “Path of Peace” training organization is based on “Sending the Right Message, 9 Agreements” - 9 powerful and life-changing ways of looking at your relationships for singles, couples, families or businesses.”