After 20 years of trying to resolve marital and family issues, including 10 years of counseling and other programs we have finally realized the breakthroughs we’ve been seeking in John Canaan’s workshops and follow up support. Great relationships don’t just happen. Start now with this program!
— Kathleen Myers Beal

Personal coaching &/or 1-Day couples workshop

Our personal coaching personal coaching and "Couples GPS" 1 day workshop is a miraculous combination that can replace a lifetime of costly patterns with a new kind of thinking that will revitalize your marriage, or if single, your outlook on relationships.

THE 75/25 perspective

Every couple, madly in love, vows they will never repeat the mistakes of their parents. As time goes on, there is a tendency to take each other for granted Then comes the first issue, whatever it is. From there, almost any couple can get knocked out of their "love nest."

Here’s the key. Your differences or issues aren't the problem. Here’s your problem:
1) A lack of education and training on how to manage issues (this is 25% of the problem) and
2) A weak, brittle, defensive, relationship with a low balance in each other’s emotional bank account (this is 75% of the problem).

1) Learn and master issues management principles and skills (this is 25% of the solution).
2) Learn and master principles & practices leading to a positive, fun, intimate friendship & marriage (this is 75% of the solution, and as this goes well, #1 almost takes care of itself).

Currently separated?
If your spouse has given up on your marriage and/or if you are separated, there are things you can do that will greatly heighten your chances of reconciliation.

The Takeaway
The takeaway is peace, and because of peace a dramatic increase in fun, intimacy, productivity, and a sense of fulfillment that can only be attained by walking a "Path of Peace."


  • Begin using life changing, 5-step Request List. (This, alone, is worth being at this event)

  • Unravel the negative feelings that keep you from positive solutions through the Love Seat.

  • Avoid arguments and spats with the Walk List (app and recording)

  • Get in a whole new emotional space through using the Breakthrough CD (app & recordings)

  • Develop skills and Couples Rituals that will increase your love for each other.

  • Enjoy a revolutionary approach to keeping communication in a steady positive flow.

  • Finally, for once in your life, master the art of Issues Management.


  • "Path of Peace - Couples GPS" online app. with lifetime password to this amazing resource. This is a life changing, step by step guide toward healthy, vibrant, relationships.

  • The “Breakthrough Book" and recordings (Learning "Breakthrough" is the start of a whole new level of peace, fun, and love in your relationships)

  • "Couples and Singles GPS" Online Affirmations Library (Coming soon!)

  • Coaching Participants also receive our consistent attention to your personal goals and agreements via a shared doc that we refine during each meeting.

Bottom line

Guarantee your success by getting the support you need.  It takes so much more support than you realize to get on track to the relationships and life you want. 


It's easy to get a lot more of what you don't want. Even more, it's easy to go from the frying pan to the fire after a breakup. Whether you are in between relationships (or wanting to explore relationships), your future will line up with how you are currently experiencing the world.  We would love to work with you in creating the kind of perspective and habits that will attract what you are looking for into your life.  

My gratitude to you knows no end. You are the blessing that has catalyzed harmony between my wife & me. Thank you so much for your patience, wisdom and guidance. Marital coaching from you has improved every aspect of my life because a consecrated marriage creates ineffable integrity. Paired with faith and a willingness to stick with the program, I am certain that the tools you endow your clients with lead to deep joy and lasting commitment. I love you with all my heart!
— Ross (Lake Mary, Florida)
Michelle and I do coaching regularly. John has a gentle way about him as he lovingly guides us in what he calls the “Path of Peace.” Michelle and I had the special privilege of one of our sessions being with John and Narelle both. I was amazed at the love and kindness Michelle and I both felt. I can’t even explain the spiritual feelings I felt that day with both of them. Michelle and I’s love continues to bloom. I can honestly say this might not have happened without the training and coaching we’ve received from the Canaan’s.
— Jerry & Michelle (Salt Lake City, Utah)


John and Narelle Canaan are not counselors or therapists.  Our coaching sessions are to train and coach our clients in their understanding and application of the the “9 Agreements” and the "Path of Peace - Couples GPS" principles and practices. 

Our program is incredibly effective but is not designed to take the place of therapy or counseling.   

Prices / Registering / Scheduling

The 1-day Couples GPS workshop is a crash course in much of what we cover in personal coaching and will greatly increase the effectiveness of coaching and the quality of your most significant relationship. This workshop includes life time access to the Couples GPS app - a phenomenal, one of a kind, resource.

We 100% guarantee your results. Click here for workshop dates

PRICE: $197 per couple. (September, end of the year discount is $97 per couple!)

COACHING PRICE: $400 for each 4 hours of personal coaching.

To register for personal coaching and/or the 1 day training, please Venmo Narelle Canaan. For questions, text Narelle @ 801-548-8212.  

Click here to schedule an appointment, or text Narelle @ 801-548-8212


Hi Anna, Steady, consistent, coaching at this point could be a huge breakthrough, even though as you said, with coaching, some things can get worse at first. This is common as things that need attention get stirred up.
Here’s a general picture of things - In marriage we tend to vacillate between two sort of extremes:
1) we create resistance and dissonance in the process of getting things how we want them or
2) we slip quietly into a state of resignation.

A 3rd alternative is a slow, patient, process of rebuilding an intimate friendship while at the same time, carefully leading our spouse back into the inner sanctum of our heart. There can be a lot of bumps in this road, but what’s so wonderful is that if a couple will stay on this road, they will reach the destination. I’ve seen this for years. There are many great coaches and counselors that can facilitate this. It doesn’t need to be me. I would just love to see you and Robbie come in for a final landing and stop circling the airport.