The 9 Agreements - Short Version

Agreement 1) I Live Life Intentionally (like I'm the one who's actually at the wheel).  I make make choices that lead to what I want.  I live in vision.  I see it.  I move toward it.

Agreement 2) Unconditional Trust - I trust in positive possibilities.  God is for me.  Everything works together for my good.   I see the possibility of love even where there has been pain.  I am looking for and am willing to experience the love you are at least trying to give, or wanted to give.

Agreement 3) Boundaries - I live inside the centering questions.  I'm committed to this working for both of us. 

Agreement 4) Love vs. Control - I choose to love vs. trying to control.

Agreement 5) I Choose to Heal the Real Wounds - I am willing to see where it hurts and to do whatever it takes in any area of my life to experience the joy I was born to experience. 

Agreement 6) I Show Up as My Real and Best Self - Instead of testing you to see if you will love me even though I'm playing small, I choose to love you big (with all of me- the real me).

Agreement 7) I Assist Others in Showing Up - I water the flowers, not the weeds.  I speak to the possibility, not the disappointment.    

Agreement 8) I Choose the Path of Greatest Opportunity - I choose the path of growth, service and transcendence that is before me.  I bring my willingness and my gratitude directly into what I want the least, but will serve me and others the most.  He or she, or it (whatever it is you don't want) isn't in the way.  He or she (or it) is the way.

Agreement 9) I Cause My World - I cause my inner experience.  I look for as many ways as I can see that I am causing my outer experience (every aspect and every relationship in the world around me)

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