Path of peace - Event Team

Dear Event Team,

Thank you so much for your service in the upcoming Path of Peace event! We hope you will be as blessed by this event as we are by your service!


John & Narelle

  1. This document will give you a really great sense of what is needed during this event. Please review it at least a few times before the event.

  2. If you’re wondering what “color” your focus is (see colors below), and you haven’t been told, you can decide between yourselves or ask the Event Team Leader.

  3. Ideally, some people will be focusing one color and some another, but over all, or, if that isn’t working out, just everyone be present to the list, be prayerful, be on your game and be ready. Note that “General Action” and “Agreement by Agreement” is something the whole team has awareness of and is ready for action, moment to moment.

Event Leader Links

Event Team Leader for March 2019 is Christine
Event Manager is Narelle (Manager is over pre-production and anything else the Event Team Leader needs)