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Our mission is to…

1) Assist couples in creating a positive, intimate, fulfilling marriage.
2) Assist singles in opening their hearts to possibilities.
3) Assist all participants toward the vibrant health that supports a miraculous life!

When You Are Ready… We Are Here.

John’s intro seminar alone answered so many of my life’s questions! Not just with marriage but with ANY relationship. John’s message and music were such effective tools in delivering enlightenment to our souls, moving us to tears in such a quiet, loving manner. Love his humor too! I know we just scraped the tip of the iceberg, and we are coming back for more.
— Masa Fukuda (Children's One Voice Choir)
The STRM two-day workshop was one of the most profound experiences I have ever had. I’ve spent years in educational training on communication
and years in therapy. The two-day workshop superseded both of these experiences. It provided me with the practical tools I’ve been looking for personally and professionally.
— Dr. Bridget Reynolds Sheffer Phd (Communications)

John Canaan is a one of a kind performer and personal relationship trainer. From the time he recorded, What if I Loved You? (a No.1 Pop song in Utah), to his recording of Michael McLean's, You're Not Alone, John’s voice has become a familiar voice to millions.  Other songs you might know John’s voice from are the Together Forever video, Come Unto Him and Let Him Heal Your Heart. (Click here for John on ITUNES)

John has been a life coach for over 25 years.  John is married to Narelle Canaan, who was born and raised in Australia.  Narelle is also a gifted life coach and loves to support people toward healing, wholeness and life balance.  John and Narelle facilitate the “Path of Peace” relationship seminars and workshops.

They are the parents of a blended family of 10 children.

John & Narelle Canaan

John & Narelle Canaan

The Path of Peace training organization is based on Sending the Right Message, 9 Agreements - 9 powerful and life-changing ways of looking at your relationships for singles, couples, families or businesses.