A Note to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints attending the "Sending the Right Message" 2 day training

In our careful examination of the Church’s position on what are considered "empowerment" or "self awareness" trainings (click here to go to the handbook ), we are more than comfortable that our 2 day training is the very opposite of what the church has been justifiably concerned about.

Our 2 day workshop is based firmly in eternal, self evident truths, featuring the premiere importance of the atonement of Jesus Christ.  

Furthermore we regularly and wholeheartedly influence our participants to return to their churches (whatever religion they are) and to serve in their communities.  We also encourage participants struggling with addiction to immediately consult with their Bishop and begin participation in the ARP (addiction recovery program) as well as continuing in our training program.

We 100% subscribe to the Church's conclusion regarding “empowerment” trainings: "Leaders should counsel members that true self-improvement comes through living gospel principles." Handbook 2 - 21:3:9