STRM Mastery starts Tues. Oct. 8th, 2019. 6:30-9PM on the first night.  7-9PM all other nights.
Ropes course is Saturday, Oct. 19th - 8:45AM to 5PM. More info on 1st night.

Walk in to Conference Center from the  left  of the “Professional Development Center.”

Walk in to Conference Center from the left of the “Professional Development Center.”

Location: Karen Gail Miller Conference Center
9750 S 300 W, Sandy, UT. Park to the south of the building closest to the freeway (south end of campus). Room #216 (2nd floor)

Coming in from the south entrance, you’ll be walking directly to the left of the “Professional Development Center.”

Karen Gail Miller Conference Center - Larry Miller College

Karen Gail Miller Conference Center - Larry Miller College


T-Minus, 5,4,3,2,1...

Creating something different than you've always created requires a tremendous amount of support, time and resources. It takes an army! That's exactly what we've put together for you - an army of positive energy, coaching, weekly re-commitment, accountability, a celebration of success and more.




  1. 11 weeks of class training and coaching (either live or online)

  2. A weekly "Success & Accountability" conference with a fellow participant, using our revolutionary guide (This conference occurs during the 2 hour weekly training).

  3. Empowering Homework Opportunities that you can take on at whatever level feels right for you i.e. (light, medium or deep) The Homework creates a real life experience with the 9 agreements- a series of breakthroughs, not just for a weekend, but for life!)

  4. A library of recommended books, videos and recordings (most of them free).

  5. Our one of a kind Breakthrough Online Book and CD to get into a completely different space, on any issue, regarding any issue or any relationship at anytime.

  6. Special Saturday morning Breakthrough training (how to use our Breakthrough CD and book).  

  7. All day Saturday STRM Ropes Course* (An amazing day!)

  8. Our super empowering STRM affirmation CD and other amazing online recordings.


Weekly Mastery training can be experienced:

  • Face to Face

  • Online (where you can participate via your computer or even your phone).

  • Listen to the recording later.

** The best part of the Mastery is that you can repeat the whole wonderful process for only $97 each time!

Keep in mind that you do not need to attend all of the training meetings. The meetings are only a small part of the Mastery miracle.

*Note: Mastery Alumni (retake) fee does not include "Ropes" or any other first-time offers related to Mastery.



The first night is super important. If there's any chance you can't make it please let us know ASAP so we can make an alternate plan for your orientation.

Online Mastery Training

Each week, you are welcome to join us at our training meetings face to face or online. You can also listen to recordings of each Mastery module.

"Mastery Login" is at the top of this page in the green bar.  We'll give you the password at orientation.

Your First 2 Homework Opportunities

1) Please determine what list making app you're going to use for Mastery.  We recommend our own Mastery App
Unlike "todoist", "evernote" and other list apps our Mastery app is pre set for Mastery action so you can hit the ground running.  

If you're a paper and pen or pencil type person, that's great too!  We're all set up for you with an awesome Mastery hard copy workbook. 

For our Mastery App, please install "airtable" on your phone and desktop.  The link to the Mastery app will be at our Mastery Materials page at Orientation.

2) Watch this fun video:

Consider what could happen in your life if you were to hold your attention on what you really want for 11 weeks.

Mastery Registration

(if you aren't already registered)

$897 if you pay in full.  Usually only available at the 2-day training.  Please text Narelle if you missed this window (801)548-8212.


$100 deposit toward $997 registration.  Please create your payment plan with Narelle by texting her at (801)548-8212.


$97 Alumni Return


To access the Mastery Materials, click here. We will text you the password the first day of Mastery.

If for some reason you can't physically be with us, even though we will miss your shining face, please click here to join us online!

If you have not attended the 2-day workshop please text Narelle @ 801-548-8212 for the "Mastery Quick Start" files.  Please include your email address.