Personal coaching

Our personal coaching personal coaching and/or "Couples GPS" 1 day workshop is a miraculous process that can dissolve a lifetime of costly patterns and replace them with a new kind of thinking that will revitalize your marriage, or if single, your outlook on relationships.

Couples (together or separated)

Every couple, madly in love, vows they will never repeat the mistakes of their parents - they will truly be there for each other, living in love, living with an open heart, happy and united forever.  Then comes the first issue, whatever it is.  From there, almost any couple can get knocked out of the love nest without some support.  That's where coaching comes in.   

Our coaching is based almost exclusively in one idea: All conflicts are agreements begging to be made.

During our meetings, this idea will take on gigantic meaning for you.  Through a two step process of 1) what we call “inner and outer breakthrough” and 2) creating couple agreements, you will be delivered from distrust and conflict and revive the wonderful connection you first experienced with each other.  I know it sounds impossible.  It's not.  It just takes staying in coaching for a while.  The processes are simple. The hard part is sticking to it. You can do this!  

Currently separated?
If your spouse has given up on your marriage and/or if you are separated, there are things you can do that will greatly heighten your chances of reconciliation.

The Takeaway
The takeaway is peace, and because of peace a dramatic increase in fun, intimacy, productivity, and a sense of fulfillment that can only be attained by walking a "Path of Peace."

It's easy to get a lot more of what you don't want
We 100% guarantee  2 results: 1) You will be more open to creating positive possibilities in your marriage and 2) You will be more effective in creating these possibilities.  
By contrast, it's so easy to go from the frying pan to the fire after a breakup or as a young single, after some hard early life experiences.  
Guarantee your success by getting the support you need.  It takes so much more support than you realize to get on track to the relationships and life you want. 


Coaching Materials include:

  • "Path of Peace - Couples GPS" online workbook. Even with one personal coaching package, you will receive a lifetime password to this amazing resource. This is a life changing, step by step guide toward healthy, vibrant, relationships.

  • The “Breakthrough Book" and recordings (Learning "Breakthrough" is the start of a whole new level of peace, fun, and love in your relationships)

  • "Couples and Singles GPS" Affirmation CD (Coming soon!)

  • STRM 9 Agreements Affirmations (Recordings)

  • John and Narelle's consistent attention to your personal goals and agreements (a shared google doc that we refine during each meeting).

  • With two coaching packages, receive half off registration to our "Couples GPS" 1 day workshop or a free Mastery Alumni registration for Alumni.


The take-away- Whether you are in between relationships (or wanting to explore relationships) your future will line up with how you are currently experiencing the world.  We would love to work with you in creating an amazing new experience of life.  

Facilitators / Coaches

John and Narelle Canaan.



John and Narelle Canaan (or any of our STRM certified facilitators) are not counselors or therapists.  

Our coaching sessions are to train and coach our clients in their understanding and application of the STRM 9 Agreements and the "Path of Peace Couples GPS" principles and practices. 

Our program is incredibly effective but is not designed to take the place of therapy or counseling.   

PRICE & Scheduling

The 1-day Couples GPS workshop is held quarterly.  Check back with our website for details .  To register for personal coaching and/or the 1 day training, please text Narelle @ 801.548.8212.  Click Here to learn more about other "Path of Peace" workshops.  

4 hours of personalized training & coaching + materials (couples or singles)

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1 Day Couples GPS workshop.


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