Relationship Seminar 

(for couples & singles)

  • Learn what a man wants, and, what he is most afraid of.

  • Learn what a woman wants, and, what she is most afraid of.

  • Deepen your understanding of what motivates men / women.

  • Get a clear view of the way to each other's heart.

Dear seminar participants, even though this is technically a “free” seminar, we would deeply appreciate your donation to O.U.R. (Abolitionist), a minimum donation of $5 paid at the door (cash, card or venmo). 100% of your donations go to O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad) organization. We are thrilled to be a part of raising money for this miraculous operation.

Light refreshments served from 6:30PM to 7:00PM.

“I thought I would have to come (to the “Way2”) alone, but today my husband agreed to come with me. I am thrilled! I used just a tiny inkling of what I picked up at the last one I attended…, and my husband responded so authentically it blew me away”
— M. Howard
“John Canaan’s seminars and workshops have not only revived my optimism and hope in creating a great relationship but have caused in me an almost giddy, crazy-in-love feeling about my whole life and everyone in it.”
— Polly W.
Having known John for 15 years but never having attended his workshop prior to this one, I can attest this seminar alone answered so many of my life’s questions! Not just with marriage but with ANY relationship and understanding of human behavior. John’s messages and music were such effective tools in delivering enlightenment to our souls and moving us to tears, and he does it in such a quiet, loving manner. Love his humor too! I know we just scraped the tip of the iceberg, and we are coming back for more.
— Masa Fukuda (Children's One Voice Choir)