Avatar is a highly specialized course in “consciousness.” Narelle and I suggest Avatar from time to time, for certain people, for specific reasons.

Avatar is a 9 day series of meditation type exercises performed without fanfare or drama (like lot of other trainings). In fact there isn’t even a trainer. The exercises and support for each participant’s work is brilliantly orchestrated system of practice, support and “perspective” unlike any training in the world.

Instead of a trainer, each participant, has a little pit crew. The crews personally cheerlead participants along the course. You will love these guys! I have never experienced so many high caliber, kind, personally responsible, hard working people all in a room together. My 9 days of training, although very challenging for a busy mind like mine, lead me to some inner vistas and levels of clarity and peace I have never experienced previously.

At the conclusion of each exercise, participants go before one of 7 or 8 “trainers” (more like room leaders), who review their results, one on one and give additional perspective and guidance on how to accomplish the objectives of each exercise. The “fun” is when a trainer, after talking with you for a bit, suggests staying with the exercise a little longer before going to the next.

The results of the whole thing are striking. At the end of 9 days, participants are thinking clearly, void of drama, much more motivated in their personal goals and are sometimes, for the first time in their lives, experiencing a quiet, peaceful mind.

The reason we suggest Avatar (despite immense controversy surrounding it), is because there are times when human beings become so entirely caught up in unproductive thinking patterns, that only something this extreme can unravel the mental mess they have created in their heads. Note that when I say “extreme,” I mean simply that 9 straight days of meditation type training feels very extreme to most.

Similar results achieved in Avatar can be created by a 3 month personal coaching/training experience with me or with Narelle. The reason we suggest Avatar for many vs. meeting with Narelle and I is:

a) Avatar is not us (this page was written for family members and friends who might not feel uncomfortable working with us in this capacity. We totally understand. Sometimes it’s easier to work on this kind of stuff with people you don’t hang with in your normal life).

a) group support (you can’t beat the group enthusiams of 600 people working through exercises together ).

b) deeper commitment (purchasing a plane ticket, hotel, and traveling across the country for 9 days has a tendency to create
enough commitment to actually attain needed breakthroughs)

c) no distractions (being in Florida, again, means, no day to day distractions from the focus needed to get results.

The video below is Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar course. This talk is not the course. It’s just a peek into the mind of the man who came up with it.

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  • If you would like to register for Avatar please call or text Narelle at 801 548 8212.

  • If you opt for local support, stretched out for a few months of coaching (vs. 9 straight days), also call or text Narelle.