Personal Coaching - Information & Setup

For appointments, click here or text Narelle @ 801-548-8212


Step 1) Waiver & Personal Info.

Please fill out this form before your first meeting: Click Here

Step 2) Get set up for video calls if applicable

If we’re meeting online, you may want to try zoom with your spouse or a friend before we meet. You can get the app for your phone or tablet or just use your computer. Click here to get zoom. Click the green button for our meeting.

Step 3) if you have time, consider a few preliminary homework ASSIGNMENTS

  1. Couples, please watch this 2 minute video.

  2. Shared Document - Our coaching session notes and the couple agreements will be on a shared document. If you’d like a check list with daily and weekly action you agree on, choose Evernote (If married, 2 separate accounts- one for you and one for your spouse). If you don’t feel you need a check list, Google Drive is a little easier.

    You’ll want this shared doc. on each of your phones and desktop. This can be done at our first meeting if you can’t figure it out.

    With either Evernote or Google drive, you’ll want a few preliminary private lists in your individual accounts; a) “Issue List,” b) “Particulars” and c) “100 Things.”

  3. Complete MaterialsCouples GPS  The password will be texted or given to you.
    [Singles, see John for the Singles Link.]

Step 4) OTHER Prep & Apps that can augment personal coaching

The following is extra preparation to get the most out of coaching. Please don’t worry about any of this if you do not want to take the time. We can do it at our meeting.

1) The strength of personal coaching is making specific personal and/or couple agreements. These agreements will be our shared Evernote doc and are something you'll want to review frequently. 

2) Please create some space on one of your phone’s home screens for free apps you might end up choosing related to coaching.