Personal Coaching - Information & Setup

For appointments, text Narelle @ 801-548-8212


Step 1) Waiver & Personal Info.

Please fill out this form before your first meeting: Click Here



Saygus Building - 10421 S Jordan Gateway, South Jordan, UT (5th floor). If you use google maps you can just say, “Navigate to the Saygus Building.” Once on the 5th floor, walk through the glass doors that say "Saygus" and wait in the waiting room. Text John if the door is locked @ 801-613-8354. If John doesn’t respond, please call the same number.

Step 2) Get set up for video calls if applicable

Click here to join us on google hangouts


Step 3) if you have time, consider a few preliminary homework ASSIGNMENTS

  1. Couples, please watch this 2 minute video.

  2. Couples, please make a personal (private) "Issues List" on your phone and list your top issues.

  3. Singles or Couples Complete Materials: Couples GPS  / Singles (Relevant Links)  
    Login is "peace" (all lower case).  The password will be texted or given to you.

Step 4) OTHER Prep & Apps that can augment personal coaching

The following is extra preparation to get the most out of coaching. Please don’t worry about any of this if you do not want to take the time. We can do it at our meeting.

1) The strength of personal coaching is making specific personal and/or couple agreements. These agreements will be in a shared google doc and are something you'll want to review frequently. If you use an android, you’ll want Google Drive for this  Click here for Google Drive. If you use an Iphone you won’t need to worry about this.

2) Another possibility is Habit Share- a wonderful app for tracking personal habits we may be working toward in our meetings.

3) Please create some space on one of your phone’s home screens for free apps you might end up choosing to include for coaching.