Please join us IN PERSON unless you are out of town (or sick) or have an extenuating circumstance. Thank you!

INSTRUCTIONS for Mastery participants:

  1. Ideally, be in a secluded area for our meeting. You may want to put a sign outside the room you’re in i.e. “In Mastery - Do Not Disturb. I will emerge from this room at 9:00 PM as a MASTER of the 9 agreements. Prepare yourself!” or something like this.

    NOTE: This is the ideal. Your #1 priority is to join us, even if you're having to cook dinner for the kids or are at a high school football game that you really needed to also attend. You also have the option of listening to the recording later, but then we don't get to hear from you!

  2. Please print a copy of the directory before getting on the call. This way, as we match up people you can just call each other vs. us taking the time to give numbers. Click for our directory.

mastery and/or coaching participants
Joining us via computer

Click here to join us on google hangouts


if you are joining us online and would like to use the online workbook...

If you’re using the online version of this workbook you can make a copy of it for your own use and then type directly in the spaces we’re working on.   Note that the original is updated frequently.  
Click here for the workbook.  Once you get there, click “File” (upper left corner) then “Make a Copy.”


Important Guidelines

(Please read)

  1. If joining us via your computer, headphones work the best. Ideally (if you would like to go the extra mile), get a headset with a built-in microphone.

  2. If you start off joining us by computer but then also join us by phone, please disconnect your audio from the computer.

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