Mastery Journal.png

 Mastery Journal

That which you appreciate, appreciates.  

Your Mastery Journal can be a notebook or a google docs, or you can just use pages provided in your Mastery Workbook.  My personal favorite is evernote - GREAT for journaling.

Your “Mastery Journal” is an an amazing possibility for strengthening your forward motion.  What you appreciate, appreciates!  What you notice begins to appear even more.  

What to Write About

In each entry, consider these 4 dimensions and write about what you are inspired to write about.  

1) What I’m grateful for and/or acknowledgement of the hand of the Lord in my life.

2) Celebration of forward movement- How I’m getting closer to ______.  What’s working for me. 

3) Crashes and Re-commitment.  How I moved away from what I want (what didn’t work, or “Today I ____________________ ). What I’m going to do about it is ________ and/or what I’m going to do to guarantee my results is _________________________. 

4) Breakthroughs - In connection with the path between where I am and where I’m going, something that’s really getting clear i.e. "What I'm seeing [that's really moving me] is___________").