In the quiet heart is the hidden sorrow that the eye cannot see.
— Susan Mcloud


Note: Before starting on homework, check your intuition on two things: 
a) How much time would be best for me to spend on homework this week? and
b) Which of all of these assignments am I feeling drawn to?  

Each day this week ask yourself, “What is it that I need the most?”, in another words “Where does it hurt the most?”
b) Write down the answer.
c) Put it in your A-Choice routine and/or Google Calendar (whatever the answer is, go to work!). Note that you want to do this every day this week to train your mind to consistently look for where it hurts and to take action.


2) Practice moving from blame to pain (a premiere skill):    
It sounds like this: "Ouch" or "Wow this really hurts!" or "I feel so lost and so alone right now" etc.  vs. "Why does he have to always be like that?!  If he would just_____ " or "If only what's her name would _________ , things would be so much better for everyone." 

3) Using the "Heal the Real Wounds" Meditation/Action worksheet, get present to what hurts.  This is the most important step toward healing.  Ask God to help you see what's missing and what you're feeling.  So much of our real pain dissipates simply by acknowledging what's missing and what we're feeling.  Once you have fully acknowledged what you feel, determine action that will lead to different feelings.  If you've already done this in class, perhaps spend a few more minutes with this, as inspired.

4) Ask your Heavenly Father to completely heal your heart; to heal all that hurts and all that is broken.  Ask Him to free you from the bondage of your misguided desires, self judgments, hallucinations, addictions and any kind of spiritual or emotional sickness.  This song is an excellent accompaniment to this kind of prayer.

5) Self Sabotage Insurance:  Repeat Dr. Gaye Hendrick’s “Ultimate Success Mantra” 3 to 6 times this week for a few minutes as you’re driving to work or getting ready for bed (even better; barefoot, sitting, standing or walking on grass): 
“I expand in abundance, success and love, every day, as I inspire those around me to do the same.”  
If you’ll be careful and present to these words, giving full place for them, they will expand your willingness to receive greater happiness.  Remember, we have an immunity to happiness.  We must always be doing work to expand the place in us that is willing to receive it, or we will unconsciously figure out a way to blow it up. (See Gaye’s book, “Making the Big Leap).

6) If you didn't in class, give advice and encouragement to your lost self. (Listen to recording of class for this)

7) Listen to Agreement 5 Affirmation recording (above) (The recording is about 5 minutes).

8) Agreement 5 “Getting to Know You” exercise (if you weren’t in class):   
Spend 2 to 10 minutes on this:

Self Betrayal includes being mad at yourself for not being everything it takes to get the love you need. But you didn't used to feel like this toward yourself.  According to Dr. Robert Holden in early stages of our life, before we started judging our self, we would enjoy looking at our self in the mirror.  

Click here for the Agreement 5 - Getting to Know You Exercises


Choose as inspired

9) Practice presence (again)... while going to work,  while coming home from work, when you're with family, with your pain or upset etc.  Be in the present, and in so doing, immediately find yourself inclined to be in God’s presence.  

Tip: When you’re feeling like you’re not in the present, come back to the present and then softly say to yourself "I'm here now."

10) Forgiveness is the number 1 substance of emotional and spiritual healing.  

  • Pick the person you currently like the least, or, that you struggle the most with, or have the most issues with.

  • Pray for him or her once a day.

  • Give thanks for him or her in your Mastery journal each day (how is he or she a blessing?)

  • If possible, serve this person in some way this week.

11) Service ties as the number 1 substance of emotional and spiritual healing.  In service, we transcend our experience of victim, blame and heartache and connect with our true, glorious, loving, real selves.   

If the above doesn’t apply to you, ask Heavenly Father and/or your spouse or local leader in your neighborhood what you could do for someone. (See “Lift” below)

12) Accountability, apology and reconciliation are essential pieces of emotional and spiritual healing.  Ask God who would be a good person to apologize to this week, and what to apologize for.  Please be careful.  Do not rush into an apology on a deep or touchy issue without proper guidance (see the 12 step materials on this, below).

13) Mega presence  Taking the idea of presence even further, spend at 5 to 10 minutes of simple exchange each week (while walking, praying, driving, getting ready for work, or just in pure meditation.  You choose.)

14) Launch your involvement in the “Addiction Recovery” materials.  The LDS church’s material is FREE and so good.  Note: The strength of this material is answering the questions in writing.  12-Step - Soft copy  

The first step in changing our feelings (part of healing the real wounds) is to feel our feelings.  Our feelings our like waves, that if we will ride, will land us to resolution, peace and breakthrough.

One of our greatest wounds is caused from falling into a fog about who we really are.  It hurts to believe that we are worthless or that our life is void of support and love (even if much of this support and love is hidden from our natural eyes).  

Much of Healing the Real Wounds has to do with stopping for a moment and asking, "Who am I, really?"  See Getting to Know You Exercises.

To some degree, each of us has faced or will face the pain of rejection. Healing the real wounds will often include facing these feelings.

Service is often what our heart is calling out for the most.  Service is how I discover how valuable, loving and infinite I really am.  This is so healing.

Along this line, consider this article:  Self Worth in a "Selfie" World

The way you do one thing is the way you tend to do everything.  Get your mind like water.  Get your finances like water, pure, peaceful, under control. Go to or  

Paying attention to the joy in this moment is healing.  What you want is not in the future.  It's right now.  It's the little (or big) person who needs your attention right now- who needs a text, or a call or some encouragement.  It's someone who needs your cheer-leading or even just a smile or a hug.  Paying complete attention to these little moments of joy and service is the path that leads to our hearts being healed- it is the path that leads to God.

Sometimes you just need a good laugh. Learning to not take life so seriously is something your heart is yearning for.

John, your presentation on agreement 5 was ..profound. Maybe I’m just finally starting to “get it” on a deeper level, but it was like seeing the lights go on in so many areas of my life.

I can see how I’ve lived from all those wounded places, how I was taught to do so, and how I’ve passed that on. Even better, I can see how I’m doing this still. It’s been one BIG ‘AHA’ moment for me for the past several days as I’m seeing it more and more.

I’m finally beginning to let go of really old, long-standing hurt and replacing it with hope. Thank you!”
— Yoli D.