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To participate in this event (if you are joining us online) be prepared  to use this script for our ceremony: 
Click here for complete form.  Ideally you could print this for tonight. This happens in the middle of our meeting, when we go outside. 

5 Key concepts from Agreement 8  

  • Noticing our resistance (our pushing against) without judgement, melts the resistance.

  • Thanking God for what is before us, including our resistance to it, melts our resistance even more.  
    In this, we fill our self with the energy required to face the opportunity before us- to strap it on our backs and make it to the end zone (see video below).  

  • The reason we resist is because we even are. As we notice and melt our need for personal significance and determine to just shine in which ever part of the sky we're in, we become more willing and grateful for the path of growth, love, service and transcendence that is before us.

  • We can escape our fear, self doubt and self importance through becoming totally present to and serving others.

  • Service, in combination with meditation, prayer, and reading sacred text awakens us to our nothingness. It is in this sense of nothingness that we can receive God's everythingness. Thus, it is in the quiet path leading to what we originally resisted, that God is able to refine our souls and to bring us Home to Him.


You are either... 

1) resisting and running from an opportunity to serve, grow and transcend, or  you are... 

2) embracing- “standing still” - being at peace with what is before you and "facing into the wind."   

The first path will bring a string of nightmares you can’t imagine. The 2nd will bring you home.

Resisting (or running)
To bemoan it, to resist it, to wish it would be different, to push against it, to try and get around it, to avoid it, to hate it, to blame it, to deny it and/or to run from it (which only causes it to reappear in greater, more painful “opportunities”).

To be thankful for, to be in love with the opportunity for growth and service that stands before you (God's process of bringing you home)



1) Notice your resistance even if you have no words to describe it . 
Resistance is subtle.  Notice where it is for you i.e. your shoulders? your back? your stomach? your thoughts and endless mind chatter? your entire being?  

Breathe.  Be still.  Be quiet inside.  Breathe.  Notice.  Be present with your experience of resistance.  Just be with it.  Remember, it's easy to resist your resistance!   The secret is just to notice- just to be in the present and finally, to be willing and grateful, which leads to the 2nd featured assignment:

2) Kiss the sphere (daily) 

a) Ask yourself: “What have I been resisting (bemoaning, pushing against, scratching for, wishing would go away, wishing would appear etc.)."   (See notes to our training below for more on this.) 

b) Put your arms out wide and express anything similar to this:
I'm so thankful for everything, just as it is- especially for the opportunity of growth, forgiveness, & humility inside of _______________ (whatever you're resisting) and that through this, God is making weak things strong and bringing me home. 

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for bringing me home.

Note: Let the truth about the nature of this life settle in deep- that through this situation, condition etc. (and your temptation to resist it), you are coming to wholeness, patience, wisdom and transcendence. You are being freed from attachments and agenda and being lovingly led home to God. 

c) Repeat the above 1 to 3 times, listing the issues or situations you have been resisting and repeat the entire process at least 5 times this week. Tell us how you're doing with this at in our group share.

3) Meditate and/or pray and read scriptures for at least 10 minutes a day.
*Meditate through "Breath-awareness" and/or "Simple Exchange" at the very bottom of this page.
NOTE: In general, as we come into the present, we come into God's presence.  Meditation and prayer go and in hand.  So much easier to pray when my mind is quiet and I am present to God. 

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4) Food Fast (vs. Fast Food):  No food for about 24 hours.  This is the ultimate process in emptying one's self of him or her self.  Be conscious of the purpose of this particular fast; to empty yourself of yourself and create an opening for the full presence and influence of God.  Isn't that a wonderful possibility?!

5) 2nd Week of your Emotional Diet:  Not one negative comment to or about anyone (meaning a comment that has any potential of making someone feel bad about him or herself- Speak to the possibility, not the disappointment.  You are Johnny Lingo.

6) Now that you’ve melted your resistance to the path of service, growth and opportunity that is before you, decide to charge forward.  Write down the 3 hardest things leading to something you see for your life.  Please share these 3 things and your commitment to move forward on our Groupme page.

7) Serve.  If nothing else, focus on listening to someone who needs to talk.  Just listen.  No advice.

Burn the Ships participant form and notes from the meeting (or if you're joining us online)
Click here for complete form

As you burn this paper (your ship- your resistance), you are closing the exits to any other path around what you don't want. The only way out is through.  You are deciding to face what you fear and/or what you don’t want and to point your willingness, your gratitude and your humility (your nothingness) right into the Indians (to the whatever is currently difficult- whether that be your singleness, your difficult marriage, your current health or weight, your finances and/or the difficult feelings of resistance you're experiencing about any of this).: 

burn the ships.JPG

From "Bridge of Spies"  

We resist things- we push against things, or worry about things because we actually think it will help.  Amazing how futile our tendencies can be.  Whatever we resist persists.  Get your arms around it!  Love what is!

It's only when George Bailey KISSES the sphere (instead of cursing it) that the world seems to turn completely around for him. 

Agreement 8 is an invitation to to “kiss” or to embrace the opportunity for growth that is before you (adverse conditions, a call to service or compassion, a personal current character flaw etc.)   The premiere application is in committed relationships- those who you have drawn into your life to serve, to heal and reciprocally (in marriage) those who have been called to serve and heal you.

In this, God is calling on you to embrace- to kiss this opportunity and to come right into it, right through it-  to give it everything you’ve got- to keep going- to keep going until you cannot go any further.  

Your feelings of wanting to quit or run are not your master.  They are your servant.  They are letting you know of the opportunity that is in front of you.   You don't quit or run because you feel like quitting or running (because it "burns" as Brock exclaims).  On the contrary, it is in this very moment that you hear the words of those that need you so bad- "Don't give up on me now!  Don't give up on me now!"  It is in this moment that you not only celebrate how hard things are, and what it can make you, but more so, what you can do for someone else.  So get your husband or wife (or child) strapped to your back (in your arms-  in your love and in your commitment) and get down the field!  You be the most valuable player on your team.

Now, take off the blindfold and open your eyes.  Where are you?  You’re in the end zone!  Look what putting your arms completely around what you wanted to run from has done in your life and in the life of those you are called to love.  

Note: None of the above exempts agreements 3 and 4.  Sometimes you will want to think in terms of training your loved ones through requests, boundaries, prohibitions, opportunities for restitution etc.  What we're saying in agreement 8 is that it's hard to effectively create boundaries if most of what you're feeling is a desperate, urgent impulse to run! (to get back to Hawaii as Mary Brown puts it.)

We can squawk and moan about our challenges, and even beg God to take them away.   On the other hand, "I'm so thankful God, for the challenges I have, and that through them, you can change me.  You can make me different.  You can make me shine.  You can bring me home.  Thank you Heavenly Father, for these weaknesses that you can turn to my strength." 

Laura Story nails Agreement 8.

God is faithful (if we are willing) to turn every single thing that happens into something wonderful for us.   So why not celebrate everything just as it is?   This young man understands this, and is kissing the sphere to a degree that most of us will never understand. 

What you are facing is not in the way.  It is the way.

I will point my willingness, my gratitude and my nothingness directly into my greatest challenges and weaknesses, and therefore into the transformation God has in store for me.  I will keep going. I will kiss the sphere.  Thank you Father in Heaven, for bringing me home.  


We use this in “10 Step Breakthrough.” It works wonderfully just on it’s own for creating a sense of nothingness.

1) Take a couple of deep breaths.

2) Now simply turn up your awareness to your breathing.  Don’t try to control your breathing. Just pay attention to it.  Be aware of your breathing, the feeling of the air passing in and out of you.

3) Allow all resistance, story, negative beliefs, darkness, upset feelings, to pass from the front of your body (if inspired, particularly through your heart and/or the center of your forehead).  Do not try to push out your stuff. Just allow it. Just be aware of your resistance passing out through the front of your body, forward into infinite space.

4) Continue to breath in and out through your nose and. allowing all darkness, resistance and “stuff” to naturally start flowing out from you.  You can be aware of what this “stuff” is i.e. “fear, competition, unhealthy regret, rightness, overwhelm etc.” or you can simply be aware of it as it passess from you.  

5) Once this movement is flowing (which can be instantly), allow at the same time, a flow of the light of God and Christ, directly through the top of your head into your entire being.  In this sense there is a “simple exchange”- God’s light taking the place of your resistance, and ultimately, His everythingness filling your nothingness.

At the same time, continue to be aware of your breathing.  Don’t try to control or change your breathing.