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Agreement 1 - Live Life Intentionally



1) Determine Your Personal Organization System.
Whether you're going high tech or paper,  we recommend placing as many action items as you can directly into “Google Calendar.”   Click here for organizer options  

2) Create or Update Your “A-Choice Routine(s)” 

Your “A-Choice Routine” or "power hour" (or even "Power 30") is your daily re-fueling.  It is the essence of what we refer to as the "Elijah Principle." 

A-Choice Routine - Morning Example

  • Exercise (i.e. Tramp or Walk) with 5 to 10 minutes of pure gratitude

  • Scriptures, inspirational input, meditation, prayer, faith & focus, affirmations (separately, or overlapping)

  • Inspirational and/or educational input

  • Managing your lists (refining your action steps) / Short and Long term planning

  • Breakthrough as needed.

A-Choice Routine - Evening Example

  • Financial accounting

  • Mastery homework

  • Mastery journal

  • Tuck in, tell stories, call, or text kids.

  • etc

A-Choice Routine Tips:

Your Morning routine  is the big deal
If you don't finish it the morning, fit it in through out the day.

Combine Activities:  
Walk (which is the best), or jump on your mini tramp, while you listen to scriptures or other inspirational input.

Routine vs. Variety: 
For many, prioritizing  your actions into a routine can be helpful such as 1st prayer, 2nd tramp etc.  Paradoxically, doing it differently from time to time can infuse interest into your A-Choice Routines.  

Make it a habit! 
The more your A-Choice routine becomes a habit, the more amazing your life will be. Determine how much time you will need every day for your routine and then put the time in!

Triggers can be a huge part of your success in creating habits.  
Example: Set your phone alarm up to play Good Morning.  When you hear it, leap right into action! 
Example:  Every time you jump into your car (which could be where you do part of your A-Choice routine), hit "play" on some inspiration like scriptures, inspiring talks, Tony Robbins etc.

Break it up into several routines
You may want to have several routines - morning, after work, evening.

3) Refine your vision board so that you can "Return to Your Vision." 
Use a computer and/or use real pictures on a larger piece of foam board, or directly onto your bathroom mirror or even your bedroom wall.  Pick pictures and/or words and phrases that have meaning to you.  Return to these visions each morning.  Remember what it is you want. 

Vision Board -Online Options  
Click here for a Google Presentation template. 
Click here for the Hay House Vision Board App.

Mastery at your own level.JPG

"Over the years, I have observed that those who accomplish the most in this world are those with a vision for their lives, with goals to keep them focused on their vision and tactical plans for how to achieve them.  Knowing where you are going and how you expect to get there can bring meaning, purpose, and accomplishment to life." - Russell M.Ballard


4) "Faith & Focus" 5 times this week either directly in front of your vision board or on a walk, in the shower, or in connection with your personal prayers. 

This can be anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes.  Each day, "return to your vision" (your goals and the pictures that you see as you consider your goals).  

Each day, you are making a place in your heart for your visions . This is faith.  Most importantly, each day, you are returning to the actions leading to what you see for your life.  This process is different for everyone, but includes:   

  • Say it / See it / Feel it.

  • Ask God to assist you with it.

  • Be present to it (without scratching for it). Simply “give place” to it.

  • If inspired, express sorrow for blocking it.

  • Thank God in advance for everything just as it is and for _______

  • Thank God in advance for the strength to take the steps and create the habits leading to it.

  • Now, the most important, get into action

5) Get into “Getting Things Done."  It's so fun!   

Short version: 
Read "Plan for Success" (1/2 page blog)

Long and Wonderful Road to More (David Allen) 
This will be something you will want to study and implement layer by layer throughout the course of this and future Masteries.  

Note on homework: Don't limit yourself, but don't short circuit.  Be inspired.  Be guided.  Only do what you feel is best for you!  


David Allen Videos: 

The Monkey in your mind (2:22) - the whole deal in a nutshell

Getting in control and creating space - hugely important video

The art of stress free productivity - hugely important video

David Allen with Google employees (45 minutes)

Clutter 2.JPG


Note: These videos are not part of STRM.  They are the private property of whoever put them on youtube.  We have included links in your homework only for convenience if you decide to view these.

Attraction in Action with Ananda Shankar Jayant.  Replace your fear with vision and with action.


As Anthony DeMello suggested: Getting what's on our happiness wish list isn't what makes us happy.  On the contrary,  it is our happiness that attracts the things we want!

Life holds amazing possibilities, if we are only willing to open our eyes to see them.  "Attraction" (Faith, Focus, Affirmations and Vision) means: “I am willing to take time to see” (to see it before actually appears) and to be present, open and filled with faith respect to this possibility. 

By warming up our brains, over and over again to something new- something more, we are gradually able to let go of the limited world we have just gotten used to, just as this man finally let go of his canned food. Hopefully, he is now ready to go on a real cruise.

When life feels dull or vapid- when you are frustrated, closed or unfulfilled, there is only one course:  Return to your faith in God & then return to the vision you sense He has placed in your heart. Speak to the possibility, not the disappointment. Say it.  See it.  Make plans that lead to it. Return to your vision.  It is your vision of what can be and your faith in that being who makes visions possible that will fill your heart.