1) “Emotional Diet” (“Reboot”):  Purify your communication.  Fulfill your Mission to Lift.

Aspect 1)   Go as long as you can with only positive communication.   
Zero criticism.  Zero sarcasm.  Zero non-verbal cues of disappointment with someone’s behavior- Only Johnny Lingo-  Only uplift-  Only seeing the best in people.  

Operational requests only! (i.e. "Could you pick up the dry cleaning?" etc.)

Aspect 2)   If you fall off the wagon (which is possible) start over, as Tony Robbins suggests, by saying "What I meant to say is (or "was") ___________“ and then either re-frame your comment into something positive or at the very least say “What I mean to say is 'I’m back on the program!'' or "What I meant to say is nothing" or "Please forgive me for my story" or "Thank you for trying your best" or "Forgive me for the struggle I’m having emerging as Johnny Lingo", "Thank you for your patience with me” etc.

Aspect 3)  Most important:  Turn up the positive energy!  
Resorting to just not saying anything defeats the purpose of this diet.  You are the mirror of everything wonderful and good in all the world around you.  Water (be grateful for or celebrate) anything and everything you can, in as many as you can-  especially your loved ones.


Something I really love about you is _________________. 

I'll tell you something really great about you.  It's that ___________________. 

Thanks for ___________. 

I love it when you _____________.  Thankyou! 

Thanks for coming to earth.  I feel better being here, with you here.

Thanks for coming into my life.   

(Anything that you feel about this person, that's true at any level)

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Other Amazing Homework Opportunities

2) 10 to 20 minutes of writing to someone you love (spouse, child, friend, parent etc.):  

A) “What I see in you- the real you is _________” 
B) “How it makes me feel as I consider who you really are.”

You can share this with the person you wrote about (or to), or not.

3) MEGA homework possibility:  Flower Power
“I’m involved in a course right now that is helping me to see, really, just how beautiful the people in my life are.  Thank you for _______________  (for all you’re doing, for who you are, for what my world is with you in it etc.)”


For extra impact (more water), sing “You Are So Beautiful.” 

4) Listen to someone (to as many people as you can) like you have never listened before. 
To truly listen to someone, without being distracted, without looking away, without wondering what you are going to be doing next, without thinking about what you're planning on saying next- to just listen, fully, and to fully hear someone is to celebrate him or her.  And when someone feels celebrated he wants to give more of what is being celebrated. He wants to show up.  Good for you Johnny Lingo.  You have given one of the greatest gifts possible- to truly hear someone.

5) (especially if you were not present in our class) Write thoughts and feelings in your journal about these phrases:

  • I trust people because...

  • I see people’s greatness.  I see past mistakes and connect with their potential.   I look for the child of God trying to emerge in each person.  

  • I hold a space of possibility for people, even when, at the time, they may be walking in the wrong direction.  This makes me feel ___________

  • I believe in miracles.  I pray for and believe that God can and will work miracles in the lives of my loved ones.

  • Here’s the kind of person all of this is making me...

  • Here's how this all makes me feel…

Johnny Lingo's Spiritual Journey (9 Minutes with music.  Similar to what we did in class.)

1st Priority Video: What could happen in your life if you became the mirror of everyone's real self? (If you became Johnny Lingo).


2nd Priority Video: "The Letter Writer"  - A local movie, but a WONDERFUL Movie.  Don't miss this.  It's about 80 minutes. 

Watch this if you weren't at class: Showing someone who they really are is challenging when this person is hiding so deep in their false self that they can barely relate to your praise.  Yet, the honor and cherishing you give assists Mahana (in this film the very discouraged maid and prostitute, Aldonza) see the truth- that she is "Dulcinea" (meaning a person who is beloved).  Notice that as Don Quixote (the deluded old man) sings to Dulcinea, addresses her as "thee", not "you."   Notice, as he continues to sing, how she begins to open to the possibility of her own greatness.  (Rent complete film from Amazon)

4th Priority Video: By spending time "in the forest" (so to speak), like Enos, Mr. Krueger grew in his knowledge of God's love.  Realizing that the Savior was his "best and finest friend" he learned to hold his "head up high," (at all times), and to stand strong and confident in his own eternal worth. 

With this depth of confidence, Mr. Krueger was able and desirous to also see the worth in others and to be there for those he loved, which is why he ended up joining the local choir and making all his new friends.  (This film is about 27 min.)