Weekly accountability


* Please call or text whoever you interviewed this week at least once, at least by the weekend. This is a bare minimum. Ideally, you could go much further i.e. 5 to 7 texts, and even a call on top of that. Note: If you call, leave your accounting in a voicemail if he or she doesn’t answer.

* If you do end up talking, keep it brief. This isn’t for coaching. It’s for accounting, and whatever brief support you can provide i.e. “You’re getting closer?”, “You’ve got this!”, “Good game!” or whatever hits you. (See “cheer leading” below).

* The sentence completions, below, are the substance of your accounting. Please use this as a basis. You could add some other tidbits, but this is the basis.

Accounting to your co-participant (options)

1) “I’ve completed (or didn't complete) my top 3 habits today, or this week, or the past 3 days etc. (depending on how often you are checking in).”

2) “I’ve completed (or “I have not completed”) a step (or sub step) on one of my major projects.”

If you feel discouraged or overwhelmed by Mastery, or life in general, please do not hesitate to reach out for cheerleading:
Just add to your text something like, "I could use some cheer-leading." 

If your partner needs cheer-leading, you could text or say anything similar to:
a) "What kind of breakthrough work do you think could help?"  and/or
b) "What specific action(s) could you take asap that would point you more toward what you want?" or
c) “Is there something that you might not be seeing?”
or anything else you feel inspired to say.


  • If you didn't interview with someone this week you could call someone in our directory and ask him or her to interview you.  He or she will love it!  Ideally, call someone you recognize from the class- If you’re married, call someone of the same sex. 

  • In high stress situations, be willing to encourage fellow participants toward coaching or counseling with whoever they are currently seeing.

  • In the cheerleading phrases above, even though the person you’re texting or calling knows these phrases, it’s still inspiring to have someone ask you these questions.

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