Weekend Check-in

Please call or text each whoever you interviewed this week at least once before the next class- Ideally at least by the weekend.

Calls or texts can be as simple as “How’s it going with your agreements and homework?” or “How can I support you with what we’re doing this week?” (or anything similar). 

Answers can be:
a) "I’m nailing it"
b) "I’m getting closer" or
c) "I need cheer-leading." 

If your partner needs cheer-leading, text or say anything similar to:
a) "What kind of breakthrough work do you think could help?"  and/or
b) "What specific action(s) could you take asap that would point you more toward what you want?" or
c) “Is there something that you might not be seeing?”
or anything else you feel inspired to say.


  • If you didn't interview with someone this week you could call someone in our directory and ask him or her to interview you.  He or she will love it!  Ideally, call someone you recognize from the class- If you’re married, call someone of the same sex. 

  • In high stress situations, be willing to encourage fellow participants toward coaching or counseling with whoever they are currently seeing.

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