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AGREEMENT 9 -  i cause my world

Slides for Agreement 9 (just for Mastery participants).

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Note: If you were not present, please set aside 2 hours and actually do this meeting.  It will not be effective in the background.

Note: This page, and the recording above are for your own personal use.  They are proprietary information to the STRM organization.  Have your friends join us at a free seminar.  Thanks for your understanding.

Important notes on this homework and on Agreement 9

Note 1 
- What you are “causing” can be in your outside world and/or your inner experience- however you’re inspired to approach this.  Only you can fully see how you are causing things.  But the fact that you are even looking is to be in the heart of "cause", of freedom and of an open heart.

Note 2
 - Saying “I cause my world” can’t make sense unless it is accompanied with “Lord, be merciful unto me, a sinner.”  Then we are free!  It’s this combination that creates the freedom. It is running into the arms of the Savior, trusting in his mercy and atonement that fully creates our willingness to see our self as the cause.  



1) Study and use the 12 step material.  This will guide you toward greater accountability and greater humility (nothingness).  Click here:  ARP (12 Step) - A Miraculous Resource

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Other Awesome Homework Possibilities

2) Make whatever apologies you are inspired to make with at least 1 or 2 people this week. (if serious matters, see 12 step  guidelines).

 Find a quiet place, deep in nature perhaps where you can shout the truth.  Say it with all your heart.  Scream it out so that you can hear it! “I CAUSE MY WORLD!  It’s me.  I cause it!  I have always caused it.  I will always BE causing it.  I am causing it right now!”   Then, sink to your knees and whisper this truth to the Lord- the same thing.  Let Him know that you know, and thank Him with all your heart for this understanding.

This is so powerful, because simply acknowledging that it is you that is choosing increases your chances of choosing well!

4) Get present with all the Mastery Assignments - Click here for the affirmations.  Listen for 5 minutes a day for a month.


”Judgement Day” by John Canaan & Sam Cardon

Accountability Worksheet for those joining us online 

Check what resonates with you. 

Read it to your drawing of your loved one, or a picture of him or her, or, directly to your loved one if inspired. 

  • I’ve been blaming you for anything and everything.

  • I have been self absorbed.   I have been insensitive.   I have been impatient.

  • I have been careless and abusive.

  • I failed to share my feelings of hurt, fear or vulnerability with you and emotionally withdrew.

  • I’ve been pointing my frustrations, fears and unhappiness at you.

  • I failed to create peaceful communication & instead, went to blame, negativity & open fire.

  • I allowed myself to continue to feel uncomfortable with __________.

  • In my unwillingness to make sure things work for me too, I have built up resentment.

  • I have been unwilling to get clear with myself about what my boundaries are.

  • I’ve wanted your approval more than I wanted my own self respect.

  • I've not been appreciative for you and what you do.  I’ve taken you for granted.

  • Instead of celebrating our blessings I have chosen to fuel my disappointments.

  • I have been more committed to my story of how you have wronged me, than to you.

  • I disconnected from your love, got defensive and imagined you were out to get me.

  • I’ve been undisciplined in my own personal life, which has put me in a bad mood.

  • I've been inconsistent about doing the things that keep a good feeling between us.

  • Instead of letting you know how proud I am of you, I’ve given you my disappointment.

  • I have failed to put you first, take care of your needs & do my best to make you happy.

  • I’ve been wanting you to see the error of your ways and to apologize to me.

  • I haven’t been clear enough in what I need from you or encouraging when you try to give it.

  • Through not living inside my boundaries, I’ve supported your aggression and abuse.

  • I have viewed you as the source of my feelings of abandonment, not-enough etc.

  • I’ve set you up, the best I can, to prove what I’m most afraid of- that in the end I will never be loved.

End with:
"I am so sorry for what I've done.  Please forgive me.  Could you forgive me?  Will you forgive me? (Wait for an answer). Thank you."

Take away
Through the grace of God and the atoning sacrifice of His son, whatever you are willing to see, that you could have done differently, it is as if this is what you did do. For instance, if you can now see that you could have been more present to someone when he needed your support, through the lifting, healing power and grace of the Savior, in some very real ways, it is as if you actually were more present to this person. Something changes in you and something is healed in the person you let down (or can be time). It is through knowing this that we have the power to tell whole truth.

The consummate skill- the highest commitment you can make is to tell yourself the truth. Your understanding of where you have gone wrong won’t come all at once, but if you’re committed, it will come.  And the more you see (compromises, messes or weaknesses) the more free and empowered you will feel.  For the Savior can only pour His healing love and forgivenessinto the opening of our self honesty.

There is another point to this video, perhaps even more important: In the eternal scheme of things- if we humbly come to understand what we could have done, then, through the atonement of Christ, it's as if we did it, and as is stated in the film, all will work together, in the end, toward our good- toward our happiness- in one way or the other.

I tend to identify with my attributes, my talents, my weaknesses, my gifts, my liabilities, my history, my circumstance (even my hair color).  

I tend to define myself in these finite terms.  I say, "this is me!"  But the truth is this: I am a child of God.  Even more, the truth is in this question: How can I serve you?  

This is my path to melting fear, blame, victim and resistance.  This is my path to nothingness and how God reaches me with his everythingness. 

He reaches and fills me in my willingness to touch and serve someone else.  Without this choice to serve I only cycle in my self significance, or my fears (one leads to the other).  

In coming to know and serve someone else, I rescue both of us. 

This is the only way God fully gets through to me- when I'm serving. Only then is my heart open enough to understand who He is, and (being His child), who I am.  This is how I define my self.  I am a child of God and I'm here to serve  you.  This is who I am.  Thus what I choose.  This is my accounting.  This is what I'm causing. 

By Peter Smith and John Canaan