Mastery - Weekly Interview (Proprietary information - Mastery Participants Only.  Thank you!)

Directory - In finding someone to interview you, ideally call someone who you recognize from the class.  But even if you don't of if this person isn't that actively involved, they may be very willing to go to this page and conduct this interview.  Please do your best.

1) How did you do this last week?

  • Substantial A-Choice Routines at least 5 times this last week
  • At least 20 minutes of exercise, at least 5 days this last week
  • Kept current health agreement (whatever it is for me) this last week
  • Worked Breakthrough when needed, daily
  • Completed interview, in or out of class
  • Homework

Person you're interviewing can say and write in his workbook, one of following answers: 

Nailed it
Getting Closer
Anxious to recommit
Not choosing this habit, yet

    2) What skin in the game (or restitution to yourself) would you be willing to offer (if any) if you do not follow through with the Mastery Habits you’ve chosen this next week (including your own personal habits)?  See definition of “Skin” above.

    3) What goal would you like to focus on tonight?

    Interviewer moves through below questions as inspired

    ●What action(s) could lead to this goal?
    ●What would strengthen your chances of taking this action?
    ●What’s keeping you from moving forward on this?” and/or...
    ●What are you not seeing?
    ●What specifically will you do?
    ●What will (or would) this lead to?  Ask this if participant starts off with a means vs. end.

    Continue until participant identifies and genuinely feels good about significant action, or...
    If or as your partner evidences lack of energy or commitment, self-doubt, discouragement etc. you could proceed to “breakthrough work” (below) & then back to questions 3 - 6, i.e. “Would you like to do some breakthrough?”  

    4) How do you feel about your plan (or the commitments you’ve made)? and/or What would the benefit or result be of doing what you’ve said you’ll do ____________ ?” and/or What would you feel?

    5) If you haven’t already (above) would you be willing to put some skin on anything you’ve committed to do?

    6) Breakthrough Work
    Can you identify a negative feeling or limiting belief connected to anything we’ve talked about tonight- a Mastery Agreement (including a personal or professional agreement), a particular action leading to a goal or any other feeling or belief that may be blocking you.  

    Breakthrough Password is "bear"
    If goal related, do 10 Step Breakthrough.   
    If this is interpersonal, do: 
    Compassion Process or
    Healing mirror” or
    Look for yourself as the cause      
    Breakthrough Password is "bear"

    Note: When it comes to 10 Step Breakthrough, you may want to spend a moment looking for the subject line beneath the subject line.  See the Breakthrough Book for more on this.