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Sending the Right Message - The original “Book” in Google Docs format - (This is a very old version of the original notes from about 1990.  A lot of good stuff though, especially if you’re on a two week vacation and have some time to read.  Please note that the book was originally written for singles.)


9 Agreements - Supplemental

There is a story at about 14 minutes in where Agreement 3 - Boundaries  (from the employer's point of view) intersects with Agreement 9 - I Cause My World - (from the employee's point of view).  

Pure Inspiration

Below is for your lightsaber when you just need to quickly cut through the darkness- when you are stuck in your story of how the someone you care about has wronged you- when the universe is not cooperating with your will etc. all that kind of insanity- pop in here for some sudden inspiration.


1) This page is to provide resource options for your “inspirational input” in your A-choice routine.

2) There’s a lot of LDS stuff on this page.  Skip past it to something you’re comfortable with if you’re not LDS.  Better yet, please send me recommendations. The best stuff I’ve found so far happens to be LDS.

3) There are humor links too.  I believe when a sudden light shines on something, or when we suddenly see the insanity of something, that it not only makes us laugh- it releases some of our own stories and insanity.  Humor (good clean humor) is a major path to healing the real wounds.

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