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9 Agreements Supplement & other inspiration

The video above includes a story, at about 14 minutes in, where Agreement 3 (Boundaries)  (from the employer's point of view) intersects with Agreement 9 (I Cause My World), from the employee's point of view.   You will LOVE this.

Pure Inspiration

Below is for your lightsaber when you just need to quickly cut through the darkness- when you are stuck in your story of how the someone you care about has wronged you- when the universe is not cooperating with your will etc. all that kind of insanity- pop in here for some sudden inspiration.


1) This page is to provide resource options for your “inspirational input” in your A-choice routine.

2) There’s a lot of LDS stuff on this page.  Skip past it to something you’re comfortable with if you’re not LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints).  Better yet, please send me recommendations.

3) There are humor links too.  I believe when a sudden light shines on something, or when we suddenly see the insanity of something, that it not only makes us laugh- it releases some of our own stories and insanity.  Humor (good clean humor) is a major path to healing the real wounds.

Mastery Theme / Spiritually based

The Light of God’s Love  - Told Sylvester’s story.  6.5 minutes.

pure spiritual

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