It's amazing how busy our minds can be.  I didn't realize this until I started practicing meditation.  It's hard, but really fun.

Here's the best part:  Practicing meditation is synergistic with prayer.  How can I effectively pray unless I'm actually present?  If I'm off somewhere in my head, how can I be with God?  

You'll love this experience of combining meditation and prayer, or in other words of bringing your complete presense into His presence.  

It's an interesting thing, New-agers and Christians, both, can sometimes miss this synergy.   Most Christians are put off by the idea of mediation.  Most new-agers resist the idea of a personal God who we talk to, just like we would a person.

Without presence, you're really missing the possibilities in prayer.  But without prayer you're missing the change of heart and the change of nature that will lead to the miracles you're looking for.

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