Agreement 5 “Getting to know you” - exercise

Part 1- On your knees or seated reverently, ask your Heavenly Father* the following:

  • Are you there?

  • What do you feel about me?

  • Who am I to you?

Please wait for an answer.
You may want to write whatever impressions come to you. Sometimes if you’ll just start writing, your impressions will become a little more discernible.

*NOTE: If you don’t believe in a personal God, consider at least the possibility that someone or something is listening and can hear you and will answer. You could call this “the Universe” or whatever you’re comfortable with.

Part 2 - Eye to eye with yourself (in a mirror)

Looking directly into your own eyes (in the mirror) state the following (below).  Repeat until you feel somewhat comfortable. This may take a few tries. Tip: Don’t try to feel anything. Don’t try to psyche yourself up. Just say the words and be present to the possibility.

  • _______ (your name i.e. John, Tammy, etc.)

  • God loves you.

  • He has always loved you.  

  • He will always love you.

  • I love you.

  • I forgive you.

  • _______ (your name), I really love you.

Inspired Dr. Robert Holden and Louise Hay.  Modified for STRM Mastery.