Mastery Habits

If you're determining your Mastery habits, including skinned habits, on a list making app, copy and paste this into your app.

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Mastery Habits  Summary  (Check “Skinned” Habits on the left or put "S")

___ I will attend ____ of the 12 Mastery Meetings

___ I will be on time (or early) to every one of the meetings I’ve committed to

___ I will do ____ of the 9 Interviews (at meetings or on phone.) Note: All 9 needed for graduation.

___ minutes a week on homework (Recommend at least 10 min.)

___ Mastery Formula (Vision, Lists, Decide, Trust, Account)  ___ days a week.

___ I will keep my Health Jump Start throughout this Mastery.   ___ Yes ___ No

___ I will exercise at least 20 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week.

___ I will write in my Mastery Journal at least ___ days a week.

___ I will attend the breakthrough training.

___ I will attend robes

Additional, personal habits (business and/or personal) for this Mastery.

___ I will be in bed by ____ every night for increased energy.

___ Anything else? 


Skin in the Game:  Each time I do not do what I’ve agreed  with myself to do (See check marks above) I promise to:

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Witness  _______________________________________________________________