Mastery Set-up suggestions

Hi Everyone!

Spending a little time on this page will help you get off to a great start for our work together. Note that everything in our Mastery Materials are suggestions! Please participate in Mastery in whatever way feels best to you. Note that you can layer in different aspects of Mastery as you go (if you’d like).

We are excited to serve you in the coming weeks. It is an honor to be a part of your commitment to Master the 9 Agreements and move closer to what you see for your life!


John & Narelle

Click here for address / Also, remember to bring your smartphones.

ZOOM There may be times when you’re sick or out of town and might be joining us online. Click here for instructions on joining us online.  

2) HOME-SCREEN The best way to harness the power of Mastery is to have everything we do or use at your fingertips on your cell phone home-screen.  Have a friend show you how, or for Androids, watch this video.  For iPhone, ask a friend, or watch this.

3) DETERMINE YOUR LIST-MAKING APP We use some lists in Mastery. This will make more sense to you later. Our no. 1 reccomendation for making lists is todoist. This reccomendation comes after years of research. f there is something you’re already using that you feel good about and you don’t feel inclined to switch, that’s O.K. too.  

4) HABIT TRACKER For getting the very most out of Mastery, consider a habit tracker. Our favorite is habit share because if you’d like, you set it up so a supporter or coach can see how you’re doing with your habits.

in your life if you were to hold your attention on what you really want for 11 weeks. See the video below: