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What is "Mastery?" 
"Mastery" is a goal setting and group accountability system to support you in living principles & forming habits that will transport you from surviving to thriving and strengthen your movement toward what you see for your life.  

Questions, Complaints, Suggestions
We are here for you! Do not hesitate to ask for clarification on anything or to offer suggestions. We LOVE suggestions.
Group text John @ (801)347-7667  &  Narelle @ (801)548-8212. One of us will get back with you. You can also email us with your suggestions, complaints, anything at all. It really helps us to serve you better if you provide honest feedback and suggestions.,
To schedule appointments for private coaching, please text Narelle.

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1) Determine your "Mastery Habits." 
"Mastery Habits" are the habits you are committing to for this 11 week Mastery such as exercise.
Click here to pick up where you left off in class and complete this week's work: "Mastery Habits."  Play big. Benefit big.   The secret to Mastery is to stretch yourself, without breaking yourself.  Don't overwhelm yourself but don't cheat yourself.

Remember, you can change your Mastery Habits anytime, as inspired.

2) Determine which Mastery Habits you will put "Skin" in.
Be prayerful and discerning about what's best for you.  If you truly want the next 5 years to be even better than the last 5,  get serious and put some skin in the game! 

Be bold but be realistic. Don't set yourself up for failure, but challenge yourself!  Include special attention to your "Health Jump-Start."  

Click here for the entire process of determining your Mastery Habits & Skin in the Game.

3) Put Mastery Habits on your bathroom mirror and/or fridge and/or Habit Tracker 
Some of these habits will be "skinned", some not.   You can put the letter "S" in front of all agreements that are "skinned"  i.e.

  • Exercise for at least 20 minutes, at least 5 days a week  

  • (S) "Faith and Focus" at least 10 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week.

  • (S) Current Health Jump-start i.e. (write it down)

  • Make 10 sales calls

  • (S) Have dinner with one of my children each week

At the end of each day you’ll want to review your Mastery Habits and ask how yourself how you did.  See Mastery Workbook for details on this.

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FACE YOUR LIFE (Habit Tracker)

Don’t condemn your life. Don’t condemn yourself. Just face yourself.

The essence of consciousness is our willingness to notice the difference between what we want and what we actually do.

Use “Habit Share.” Note that this app allows you to share your results with a friend or coach if you’d like.

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4) Get your phone set up for Mastery so that whatever you’re going to be using (and that’s different for everyone) is in one place, at your fingertips on your cell phone Home-Screen.

Please consider:

  • The Path of peace app (which you are not reading),

  • Habit Share,

  • Twist (for shares and cheerleading) and either

  • Todoist or whatever you feel good about for a list making app.

Have a friend show you how to get apps on your homescreen, or for Androids, watch this video.  For iPhone, ask a friend, or watch this.


5) Listen to Joel's "Closer Than You Think."

6) Watch some of this week's videos (below) to inspire you in your path of Mastery.

Note: There are more to choose from this week than usual. These are all fantastic. Watch the ones you are drawn to. As we go through Mastery together you can catch up on the rest later.

Mastery is about “Daily.”

Sugar Video Trailer (above) Consider the possibility of drawing the "Great White Line" in your life.

Click here for the Full Length Sugar Video (CBS)

Click here for a really cool personal experience from a professional writer.  His brain cleared up.  He lost weight.  He started sleeping better. 

healthy treats.JPG

Narelle's photo of what we do when we need deserts that are INSIDE the "Great White Line." 

Getting committed to getting some sleep can complete your life of Mastery.

Mastering your life and achieving your goals is primarily about your willingness to convert the massive action required to get from here to there into what we refer to in Mastery as "Bite Sized" actions.  

The smaller the bites, the more you are inclined to act.  The more you are inclined to act, the greater the momentum.  The greater the momentum, the greater the manifestation of your visions.   Life can be very fun and very sweet with just one steady little action after the next. 


At least 20 Minutes a day will change your life!  We promise! 

How you do one thing is how you do everything.