Agreements and Tools Summary

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Agreement 1) Live Life Intentionally

  • What do you want?

  • Make A-Choices / Live in Faith, Focus and Vision (Daily).

  • Set yourself up for success i.e. put a mini tramp in your living room, shop in the produce section, have someone pick you up for the gym, get books you need to read queued up on and ready to listen to on your kindle app, create instant access to pure inspiration i.e. scriptures, uplifting music etc. etc.

  • Do one thing at a time (trust God with the rest).

  • Getting everything in your inbox (discontinuing “background” management)

  • Flood your life with light.  FLOOD it!  Discouragement and darkness won’t survive.

  • Attraction: Flood your life with vision (see it and thank God for the strength to move toward it)


Agreement 2) Unconditional Trust

  • Trust in people’s love, in general.  This is basically a matter of prayer. Ask that God open your eyes.

  • Look for Hidden Message of Love. This is a facinating search. Be inspired. How does this person’s behavior point to a possibility of his or her love for you.


Agreement 3) Boundaries and 4) Love vs. Control

  • Live in the Centering Questions.

  • Take your story to God.  Take your request to your loved ones.

  • Lovingly guide people into a relationship that works for you too.


Agreement 5) Heal the Real Wounds

  • Blame to Pain.


Agreement 8) The Path of Greatest Opportunity

  • Embrace everything just as it is. “How is this the perfect opportunity for your growth?”

  • Embrace the specific opportunity for growth that is obviously before you (i.e. remaining married when you want to divorce, remaining unattached when you feel like playing house, shopping for a spouse when you would rather avoid commitments [forever].  

  • Stand still.  Don’t run.  Just be.  Just trust.  Just believe in God, in the atonement of Christ and in your infinite worth.  


Agreement 9) I Cause My World

  • 100% Accountability / 100% Responsibility.  See how YOU did it.  Look for how you did it.  

  • Healing Mirror.

  • Conversation with someone’s spirit.

  • See how someone is the opposite of the light you’ve been holding him or her in.

  • etc.