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Agreement 6 - Show up as your real and best self



1) Listen for the voice of Mahana in your head: 

* Notice your fear of failure (the possibility that you will not be worthy and/or loved). 

Notice that to prove you are lovable "as you are" you tend to test people to see if they will love you even as you play small.  

Finally, notice your fear of success (It's very scary to have to leave all of your buddies; failure, testing people's love, compromise, desperation, resignation, being out of shape, broke, panic, undisciplined, disorganized, late, lonely, a-sexual etc.- These are friends you've known and taken care of for a long time).

2) Flood your mind with positive affirmations!
Post 5 to 10 emerging truths (affirmations) from the list below.  Post them on your mirror and/or in your phone and/or on your vision board.  

During your daily "faith and focus" (along with your other affirmations), or as part of your nightly wrap up (your "How did you do?" moment of consciousness) declare these truthsevery day for the next 30 days.  (Easier to see this list on a computer)   

Remember, to not push or effort these possibilities into existence.  The affirmations below are the blueprint you came with!  Simply be present to them - completely still.  Allow theses truths and possibilities to reach you.

Click here for more on"How to Listen to or Say Affirmations." 


3) Come down from the tree

For those ready to get very serious showing up as your best and real self,  consider getting feedback:

Option a) Ask a trusted, gentle friend if he or she would be willing to give you some honest feedback: 
Read the following to questions to him or her and then graciously and non defensively receive this person's feedback:  

Question 1) In what ways do you think I am playing small?  (Please speak freely)

Question 2) To what degree do you feel I am showing up as pure man (or pure woman)?  

___"Fully" or
___"Getting closer every day."  

See "Pure Man / Pure Woman "Archetype" Description, below:

Man Archetype (meaning what we have learned need and expect):
*financially stable - able to provide
*Leader (takes charge when necessary)
*Protector / Strong
*Open to an intimate relationship

Woman Archetype (meaning what we have learned need and expect):
*Showing up in your womanly beauty the best you can
*Open to the an intimate relationship

Note: Obviously the above is a simple, general breakdown.  This is a vast subject. 

Option b) Ask yourself for some honest feedback:  

Question 1) In what ways am I playing small?  (Honestly answer this question)

Question 2) To what degree am showing up as pure man (or pure woman)?  

___ Barely
___ Moderately
___ Fully or
___ Getting closer every day.  

See "Pure Man / Pure Woman "Archetype" Description above.

After sincere prayer, work a little more with the question: “As I consider my compromises, my self justification and lack of excellence (and how I may be testing people's love), what am I not seeing?”  

Write down your answers in your Mastery Journal.

Now, with all the above in mind refine, identify (or reiterate) hard steps and habits that lead to you fully showing up for those you love.  

Make an appointment with with John or Narelle, or someone in our group.  Show him or her your new commitments (just like you do in an interview).  Ask for his or her feedback.

Mastery at your own level.JPG

More Amazingly Fun Homework (especially if you weren't at the meeting):

4) Window Exercise

Coming down from the tree is about the joy of service- the joy of love- the joy of life!

Find a window. Look out at the whole world around you.  Think of your family. Think of your loved ones.  Think of your neighbors.  Think of all who God has and will put in your path- all who you can touch, inspire, lead, or assist in whatever way you are called.  

Hold your arms wide open, as if holding out everything you are to everyone you can and then read the following: 

I am a child of God and I’m here to serve you.  As comfortable as it’s been up here, I’m coming down from this tree and will show up as my real and best self! I will show up competent, organized, selfless, in physical shape, financially stable, committed, hard working, connected, present, fun-loving, affectionate, sexy, patient, talented, creative, courageous and kind. 

I will let my light shine- not to get love, but to give it! I will stop protecting myself and I will step forward into your life as the best version of me possible!  I will do this because I pass this way once and have this one opportunity to touch and lift you.  There is no time to be hesitant.  I will stop testing you to see if you will love me in my compromise and I will start loving you in my excellence.

Let these words stir you and move you down to your toes.  Feel the power of what your willingness to serve can create in this world. 

5) "I Am a Child of God" writing exercise. 
Seek God in prayer.  Read scriptures and meditate to assist you in your process of coming to know Him.  Finally, use Brian Taylor's secret formula:  Write down and say the words "I am a child of God" 10 times a day, for 30 days, or as long as it takes to really get it. 

You can hide your beauty.  You can tell yourself you’re not beautiful and you can remain comfortable in your compromise, or, you can see what’s on “the other side” of showing up as your true, beautiful self.   

Come down from the tree Mahana!  We miss you.  You are beautiful!  You are sexy!   You are competent!  You are stable!  You are vulnerable!  You are on the ground showing up for all you love!