Trust Walk and Trust Run

Look how you are! You don't trust. Notice this. Don't judge it. Just notice it, and what you may be missing.

Everything is fun on the blackboard, or in theory. But when we are faced with an opportunity to run straight into something wonderful, you freeze like a freaking deer in the headlights.

Erick Erickson says that most of us have decided not to trust by 2 years old. It is our standing condition... or not. What will YOU choose?

Notice how programmed you have become to assume the worst possible scenario. Turn this around. Ask God to give you the strength to move toward a possibility in relationships or work even when you're afraid of being let down. 

Yes, it will terrify you at first, but after a lifetime of extending trust (of running forward, even when the outcome is unclear, even when it feels like you could get hurt) the blessings open and trust becomes your nature.

Take home:

Once you sense that an action will lead to something that is possible and that is right and good, force yourself to move into it. You have a Shepard. You are infinitely beloved. If you sense his voice inside of you- if you feel the pull of possibility, don't walk, run.

You won't see the full scope of possibility (or light) until you're willing to run headlong into the darkness of your fear. It is often only then that the light will appear.

"Do you trust your future?" Your Father in Heaven is already there. He is already in the future, saying "1, 2, 3 go." He is saying "Come and see." He is saying "trust." If there is a seed of possibility (something good you have a hunch about) beginning to spout, water it, move on it, run right into it. "Go"