A Kashi Christmas

puppy kashi.JPG

Dear beloved kids:

I was on a walk with Narelle today.  We were talking about different friends that we loved.  Some of them are very different from us, in values, religion, politics etc,  None of that mattered. We realized that the reason we loved these people so much is that they loved us. In an instance I got a picture of all mankind. “People just need love!” I exclaimed to Narelle.  “It’s that simple. We are all like puppies!”

You kids all have this gift, to love, in great abundance. I am so grateful that I even know you, let alone get to be your Father. Despite the mistakes and weaknesses of your parents you are all shining lights of love.

Love is the core of your existence. It is the way you touch other people lives. It is the substance of happiness. It is what motivates you to share your gifts and to become the greatest possible version of yourself!

In this love, you are like Kashi, who wanted more than anything to huddle, cuddle and snuggle (to love!). But remember, when you hold your little puppy Kashi late at night, there will be times you don’t feel much love coming back. Be like Kashi! Keep moving forward. Keep asking the kinds of questions that will open your heart. Keep going with what you feel is right. You are always closer than you think. Keep loving, not for what you hope might come back to you though, but for how it good it feels coming out from you.

You kids have so much to give! I love you all so much it almost hurts!


Christmas 2018

 Harry Palmer will give you the full scoop on Kashi in this 30 minute talk. I just gave you the huddling and cuddling part.