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We are excited to provide support and training in your journey toward the kind of life and relationships you truly want.  We're committed that this training will be of immeasurable value to you.

Reading this page and filling out the bottom completes your pre-registration and assists us in ensuring a fantastic experience!

See you at the workshop!

John & Narelle Canaan  

For questions, call or text: 435-728-0354

dates & location

Sending the Right Message- The 9 Agreements
June 28th & 29th, 2019
Hampton Inn, 10690 S, Holiday Park Dr., Sandy Utah.  

Final Registration / schedule

Friday: Final registration is anytime between 8:35 and 8:50 AM. Please be in your seats no later than 9AM.
Workshop - Friday: 9:00AM - 9:00PM (approx.) 
Workshop - Saturday: 9:00AM - 9:45PM (approx.) 
Note: Locations and Times are Subject to Change.  Check back here before final plans.

If we are meeting at a hotel please mention that you're with "Path of Peace" (John & Narelle Canaan) for a discount on your room (if available).  

Financial Policies

By registering (and filling out the form below) you are agreeing to take full advantage of the materials and training you receive so that you can receive the promised benefits.  If you will stick with the program we guarantee results.  

Moreover, by registering, you are making a stand for your life.  The money you spend on this workshop enhances the strength of this stand.  This would be like purchasing a membership to a gym.  You are purchasing a membership into a life and relationships gym.  So we ask that you give your promise to follow through with your commitment because our promise to ensure your success has already begun. 

If for any reason you cannot attend this event please plan on attending the next one or give your registration to a friend or family member.  To support you in the commitment you made at the time of your registration we do not offer refunds on registration. 

If you have a balance due, balances are processed 2 weeks prior to the event with the credit card we have on file. 

Rules, Guidelines & Suggestions

  1. Attending the entire workshop Please make whatever arrangements you need to be on time and present each section of the entire workshop. This includes Alumni. (STRM reserves the right to make rare exceptions to this policy).

  2. Please do not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the entire 2 days of the workshop. It's easy to want to "take the edge" off of life and reality once in a while. We understand, but our training is to turn life up. Using alcohol or consciousness altering substances will diminish your experience, which will also affect everyone else.

  3. Please bring snacks for breaks, money for food. We do not provide any meals. There are many places to eat near by. The breakfast provided by the hotel is just for people staying at the hotel, not people using the conference rooms.

  4. You may want to bring a cushion for your chair.   

  5. Dress: Casual.

  6. Accommodations are not included in your registration.  Click here and scroll to “Sending the Right Message…” for our location. so you can make reservations.

  7. Late check-out If we are at a hotel and you're going to be staying at our location, you may want to arrange a "late check out" for Saturday, so that you can check out during lunch.


Path of Peace Workshops and seminars are faith-based relationships events (rooted in Christianity).  If you are not a Christian (as many aren't who attend), we invite you to either a) have an open mind regarding our orientation, and/or b) quietly set aside references that might otherwise offend you.

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Questions? Call or text:  435-728-0354